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A few more weeks passed by, this cast was looking more and more like one big family. During day time we mostly focused on our jobs and worked our asses off to make these movies just as good as the Lord of The Rings. But once shooting was over the cast and crew hung out together as much as possible. Autumn had come and so the time came for nice bonfires with marshmallows. Many nights we sat together with parts of cast and crew to enjoy some marshmallows over the fire, talk about the day and talk about future plans or family. Aidan and I already planned and entire road trip through Ireland once filming was over, even Dean seemed quite enthusiastic about the trip even though he first didn’t like it at all. Lee, Orlando and Evangeline thought me elvish one evening and now this time I was sitting on the bench next to Richard. ‘We should have a karaoke tonight!’ Katie, the daughter of Peter Jackson suddenly said to the whole group while she was sitting with James who played on a banjo. ‘Yea!’ ‘Oh we can sing some dwarf songs!’ ‘As long as the elves don’t start singing it’s fine’ a couple of dwarves yelled which made me laugh. ‘oh as if you guys are such great singers’ Lee Pace now mocked the dwarf actors. ‘Even when they’re not shooting scenes they’re always ready to pick a fight’ Andy spoke which made Peter and Katie nod in agreement ‘Of course they do, I just picked them out so they could annoy each other all the time, it’s not like they’re such talented actors of course’ Peter then laughed which was probably one of the best burns I ever heard. Everyone just looked at him with open mouth ‘Well that was unexpected’ Dean said which made Peter laugh ‘Oh you guys know I’m just joking!’ he said ‘Well we hope so, but still it’s rather strange to hear this coming from a kind person like you!’ Evangeline said. ‘You people clearly don’t know my dad yet!’ Katie now laughed ‘Now come on let’s sing some songs!’ she added. ‘Alright but you get to start!’ Tami, the make up artist now said. Luckily Katie wasn’t a shy person and so she nodded and soon thought of a song most of us knew ‘I got my ticket for the long way round…’ she started singing the cup song of Anna Kendrick. Soon most of us were singing along including me. After this song James began singing can you feel the love tonight by Elton John, after this we stayed in the Disney mood for a while until Richard suddenly started humming. Little by little more dwarf actors joined him, it was the one and only misty mountain song. I heard it quiet a lot of times as Richard liked to sing this song for me when I was having troubles sleeping, I just called him or went to his trailer and asked him to sing and after this i fell asleep without any problem. When he started singing I just couldn’t help but close my eyes for a minute and listen to his deep husky voice. It almost seemed as if he was putting a spell on me, his voice had such a calming effect on me, he sounded even better surrounded by all the humming voices of the other dwarf actors. After this song I still sang Pippin’s song from the Lord Of The Rings, The Return of The King. Pippin had always been one of my favourite characters, maybe it was because he was everything I was not. He was adventurous, outgoing, even a little foolish, but above all a kind and goodhearted little soul. Thinking a little longer about how I wished I could get to meet the rest of the Lord Of The Rings cast I decided it was time for bed. Of course Richard came along with me, not caring about all the cheeky looks Evangeline, Orlando and Aidan gave us.

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