Ace!’ Cassi screamed, running away from her uncle towards her older sister. Staring at Acacia’s bleeding arm, the black-haired girl teared up and frantically shook her sister’s shoulder. ‘W-what’s wrong with her…?’ she asked, looking up to her mother. ‘I-is she going t-to die…?’

Spica gently pulled her daughter away from the exhausted girl, taking her in a comforting embrace. ‘No, no, dear,’ she said softly, stroking Cassi’s hair and gently rocking them around. ‘She’s just tired, don’t worry-’

‘B-but why isn’t she opening her eyes then…?’ the little girl hiccupped, looking up to her mom with teary eyes. Spica sighed deeply, turning around to cast a glance at her husband coming back from the kitchen. He’s holding their first aid kit, a frown plastered on his face.

‘Cass, don’t worry about it,’ the General spoke sternly, ‘it’s better you go to your room now.’

Cassi stared at him in confusion, opening her mouth to say something. It was only when she saw her father’s serious eyes, she dropped her head and got up. Rapidly, she ran towards the stairs, making her way to her room.

Regulus sighed, throwing his brother-in-law a scolding glare. ‘I’ll go check on her, Spica, you just focus on Ace,’ he assured his sister, before going after his niece with hard footsteps.

Taking in a deep breath, Spica grabbed a bandage and some wool out of the first aid kit, gently pressing the wool against the wound, before wrapping the bandage around her daughter’s arm.

‘Why did you tell Cassi to go to her room, Audace?’ the woman asked her husband, not looking up from her work. Audace groaned. ‘Really? Starting this now, while Acacia’s lost consciousness? Don’t you think I have enough on my mind?!’

Spica raised an eyebrow at him. ‘Oh, wow, how could I have forgotten?’ she mocked him. ‘A famous war-hero, a General like yourself? Oh, how hard must you have it.’

‘Come on, Spica,’ the General replied, crossing his arms in front of his chest. ‘You know all this stuff with Ace and her studies keep me up at night, don’t taunt me for it!’

‘Then you stop with all this nonsense.’ Spica tied the last knots on the bandage, before getting up and making her way towards her husband. Audace frowned at her. ‘What nonsense?!’

‘This! Sending Cassi away while she has all the right to be here, thinking you can say everything and do what you want just because you’re the General?!’ Spica suddenly yelled, clenching her hands into fists with a furious expression on her face. ‘Audace, Robinia told me how you threated Regulus! You can’t threat others like that, especially not the people you love! I-I… Audace, can’t you see you’re going crazy with power?’

‘I am not going crazy!’ the General countered, his eyes filled with rage as he jabbed his finger at his wife. Spica, however, didn’t even flinch, and stared at him with intense, blue eyes.

‘You just convince yourself of that, Audace,’ the woman said calmly, ‘but in my eyes, you’re a shell of your former self. All you were, was a hero in war. An orphan, the only one left of a long-forgotten kingdom. You became a General, the father to our children. I don’t know what you are now.’

‘I am your General!’ Audace yelled, his face filled with anger. ‘And as your General, you should listen to me!’

‘I am your wife, Audace!’ Spica yelled back. ‘We’re equals! God, why don’t you just get that?! I’m not just one of your Knights, I’m your partner! I am the mother of your children!’

The couple’s arguing was interrupted by Avondir’s voice. ‘She’s awake,’ he breathed out, and when Spica turned around, she saw the young man sitting next to her daughter, her hand tightly clutched in his. His face was etched with worry, relieve, and something Spica couldn’t quite place.

‘Ace,’ Audace exclaimed, his voice cracking slightly as Spica made her way to her daughter, squatting down beside her. ‘Take it easy, dear,’ she told her, watching as her eyes fluttered open and revealed an exhausted green.

‘M-Mom…’ the girl mumbled, moving her head slightly to the side. She smiled slightly. ‘Avon…’

‘Hey,’ the young man whispered, ‘you scared me back there. Are you alright?’

Ace’s eyes widened. ‘I-I’m…’

‘Ace, take it easy,’ Spica commented, ‘you’ve been out of it for probably an hour. You should get your emotions under control first, we can’t have you using any more of your energy before we can get you a proper teacher.’

‘Teacher…?’ Acacia whispered, eyeing her mother with a slight frown. Next to her, Avondir squeezed her hand slightly. Spica nodded. ‘For your powers, yes. It’s all gonna be alright-’

‘You… you mean the powers you never told me about…?’

Spica froze in her place.

Yeah, they had that coming, hadn’t they?


Happy New Year!
We start the year with this fierce argument and a slight writer's block, but you don't see me caring since I've already accepted writer's block as something you have to go through.

The drama has just gotten more intense, with Audace losing his mind and even Spica doubting him, Ace questioning her parents and still no sign of Altair and Methone.

On which side are you? Spica's, Audace's, or both?

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