‘I’m so, so sorry, Ace,’ Spica whispered, reaching out to touch her daughter’s face. Acacia, however, didn’t even look at her. The woman bit her lip, exchanging a look with her husband; despite their falling out, she still needed his help in this situation. This was their daughter, not just hers.

‘We… we were scared, when you started showing signs of Magic,’ the woman continued, pulling her hand back from Ace’s face. ‘You were scared as well. You didn’t even want to touch any of us, let alone leave the house… you were so young, three years old… w-we didn’t want you to grow up in fear, so-’

‘What did you do to my memories about it?’ Acacia whispered, sitting up on the couch with a groan. Avondir leaped forward, gently helping her up with a comforting smile. ‘Take it easy, Ace.’

Spica sighed, and heard her husband scoff some metres away from her. ‘We decided to let Spranka erase your memories. Also, those of Altair and Methone.’ She looked down when she saw her daughter’s eyes widen.

‘You erased my memories?’ Acacia breathed out, shifting her gaze from her mother to her father. ‘You erased Al and Meth’s memories?!’

‘Acacia, we did this for you-’ Audace stepped forward, but the girl shot him a glare. She got up from the couch, her legs trembling slightly as she grabs Avondir’s arm. ‘Avon, please get me out of here. I would do it myself, but some people apparently never told me I could get this exhausted.’

Avondir blinks, before smiling softly, and throwing Ace’s arm over his shoulder to keep her on her feet. ‘Sure, Ace.’

‘Avondir, don’t,’ Audace walked forward, his voice stern and angry. He went to grab the young man’s arm, but he shook it off. ‘I’m your General, you have to listen to me.’

‘Sorry, sir,’ Avondir mumbles, before opening the front door and walking through it with Acacia on his arm. The girl didn’t say anything, just glared at her father. The General held his breath, and as soon as the door closed, he let out a curse and wanted to follow the two teens.

‘Audace, leave her alone,’ Spica stops him, her voice soft as her eyes tear up slightly. ‘She needs time, without us to tell her stuff. What did we expect?’

‘She’s my daughter, I can’t leave her like this.’ Audace glares at his wife, who lets out an exasperated sigh, and stands up. As she walks towards the General, she locks eyes with him.

As soon as she stands in front of him, she locks her arms around his waist. Audace stumbles back a little, slightly shocked, seeing as she seemed to hate him just a second ago.

‘I thought you were mad at me,’ the man whispers, and Spica nodded. ‘I am, you’re an idiot – but I still need you, y’know? This hurts me just as much as it hurts you and Ace…’

Audace kept quiet for a second, before sucking in some air and wrapping his arms around his wife, gently cradling her in his arms. ‘I-I’m sorry, Spica,’ he mumbled, feeling how she gripped his tunic with her hands, tugging it slightly. ‘I never meant to put you down like that, we’re… we’re equals, I-I just…’

‘I-I… I sometimes wished you weren’t the General, Audace.’ Spica hides her face in her husband’s shoulder, clutching him tighter to her frame. ‘You’re so busy, a-and tired, and y-you’ve been so absent in our marriage…’

‘What do you mean?’ Audace frowns slightly, gently running a hand through his lover’s blonde hair.

‘W-when was the last time we went on a date? O-or when we made love, or had some time for ourselves…?’ Spica murmured, and Audace’s eyes widened in realisation. ‘You miss me,’ he breathed out, and Spica nodded, holding in a sob. ‘And now all this stuff with Ace, a-and it’s like you’re going crazy…’

‘I should’ve told her differently,’ Audace said softly, ‘maybe she wouldn’t have run away if I had told her the things more clearly-’

‘She just wants you to be a father to her, and think about what she wants for herself, instead of what you want for her, how good your intentions might be…’ Spica looks up to him, her eyes teary and desperate. ‘Audace, I love you, you know that, b-but we need to work on e-everything…’

‘Yes, we need,’ Audace whispers, pressing a light kiss on his lover’s forehead. ‘I just hope Ace’s doing fine now, a-and we can talk about all of this…’
Spica smiles softly, putting a hand on her husband’s cheek. ‘You will. I’m sure of it.’

‘Why the hell would they lie to me?!’


Anddd Ace walked away again. Great. Next chapter, we make a small time-skip to, finally, the exams! Ace hasn't been home for a week, and has to face her parents again after days of being absent from home.
How's this gonna go?

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