‘Why the hell would they lie to me?!’

Acacia let herself fall on Avondir’s bed, clenching her hands into tight fists as she tried to resist the urge to fall asleep. She bit her lip, hearing the young owner of the room sighing behind her.

‘I don’t know, Ace,’ Avon whispered, sitting down next to his friend to gently rub her back. The girl’s shoulders were shaking slightly, and when she sat up, Avondir noticed the tears rolling over her cheeks. ‘Hey, hey, don’t cry, I’m sure they had a good reason for it-’

‘I-I just don’t get it, Avondir,’ Acacia interrupted him, looking down at her lap. ‘I’m their d-daughter, w-wouldn’t they trust me with something like this…? I-I just wished… I just wished they had told me, there’s nothing wrong with that, right…?’

Suddenly, she gasped, and grabbed Avondir’s arm. ‘Is that why Dad wanted me to drop my studies? Because I’m dangerous to those around me, because I almost killed a bunch of knights?!’

‘Ace, you’re not dangerous!’ Avon countered her words, grabbing her shoulders to make sure she looked at him. ‘You’ve managed to keep those powers down, for what, years?! Doesn’t it show how in control you are if you’re able to do that?!’

‘I-I…’ Ace stuttered, before leaping forward and throwing herself in his arms. Avondir’s eyes widened, after the initial shock, he gently returned the hug, rubbing his hands over her back in a comforting manner.

‘It’s gonna be fine, Acacia,’ he mumbled, feeling her breath shakily against his chest. ‘Don’t worry about it.’

[Two weeks later.]

Audace stood in the havens of the Island, anxiously tapping his foot on the wooden quay. His green eyes, nervous as can be, scanned around a group of young aspirant knights standing in front of him.

She wasn’t there.

Maybe his daughter was just late. Maybe he didn’t have to worry about her not being save. Maybe she and that boy were running through the village, racing against time just to be on time.

The exams were today, and Audace never thought his own child would be late for that.

He took a deep breath, and just as he wanted to silence the excited group of young apprentices, a panting voice called out: ‘SORRY, WE’RE LATE!’

Audace almost smiled in relieve when Acacia, with Avondir behind her, ran towards the group, their faces red and panting slightly. They took their place in the last row, throwing each other an excited grin – which, to be honest, made Audace’s heart hurt a little.

Was his daughter in love with this young man, from whom he had no information whatsoever? Or were had they just become really good friends over the two weeks Acacia had spent away from home?

The General decided to let it go, for now, and smiled softly at the young students. ‘My dear aspirant knights,’ he started, throwing a friendly look at all the teens. ‘I’m sure you all have been waiting for this day. I have too, just like your teachers.’ He pointed at his colleagues, standing on his side with proud grins on their faces.

‘Today is the day you’ll do your exams, and become official knights of the Silver Rose,’ Audace continued, watching as the group smiled nervously. ‘You’ll do three assignments, all testing your character to see if you have what it takes to be one of us. I’m sure your teachers tried to give some extra information – Regulus.’ He winked at his brother-in-law, who, to his surprise, rolled his eyes – every other year, he tried to defend himself.

Maybe he deserved that for how he treated his daughter.

The General coughed awkwardly. ‘Well, good luck, my students. If you please get onto the ship, and we’ll take you to the Island of the Crescent Moon.’

Rapidly, the chatter of the aspirant knights rose up, and they made their way towards the ship. Audace watched as they walked over, before noticing his daughter talking to Avondir at the end of the group.

Acacia, however, averted her eyes once she saw him.

Audace sighed, before gently tapping his little girl on the shoulder. She turned around, anxiety flaring up in her eyes. ‘What?’ she asked, her tone more aggressive than he had ever heard her.

The General tried to smile at her, before grabbing his Sword of Destiny, Veleno, from his belt. He handed it to Ace, who took it with a frown on her face. ‘Why would you give me this?’ she asked, obviously confused.

Audace put his hand on her shoulder, trying to regain any sense of how a father should act. ‘Your grandfather and I both used it for our exams,’ he said tenderly, ‘I want my daughter to do the same.’

‘Okay…’ Ace said, still puzzled about her father’s actions. ‘I’m sure it’ll come to good use.’

With that, the girl turned around, before walking with Avondir towards the ship. Audace took a deep breath, feeling a sharp pain in his heart. She didn’t even say something along the lines of; ‘Thanks, Dad! I love you!’

Oh, how he wished his little girl was a baby again and he could start over.


My God this took me long enough, sorry for the wait!
I'm probably gonna take it easy with writing chapters since hey, writer's block is a thing and I just couldn't get through this chapter!
But finally, we have arrived at something more interesting, mainly, Ace's exam!

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