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That night I slept like a rose, I didn’t have nightmares and I didn’t wake up all sweaty for once in a long time. Waking up looking right at Richard’s beautiful and peaceful sleepy face already made me the happiest person alive. I felt butterflies swirling through my stomach, all I wanted was to lay in bed and look at that man for the rest of the day. Sadly Richard woke up only a little later ‘Good morning beautiful’ he whispered which immediately made me blush. ‘Good morning’ I answered with a shaky voice as I still wasn’t used to his raspy morning voice. ‘We should probably get up, before they start missing us and find us all snuggled up together here’ Richard suddenly said before kissing me and leaving the bed which kind of woke me up from my beautiful daydream. I wasn’t alone with him on a deserted island, I couldn’t kiss or hug him all day. We were in New Zealand, on a movie set with hundred others actors and crew members, we had a job to do, a movie to make and a secret to hide. When Richard came out of the bathroom it was my turn to get out of the warm bed and get dressed as well. When I was dressed I first left my trailer to check if anyone noticed Richard was inside or looked suspicious, when the coast seemed to be clear I told Richard he could come out and so we walked to the cafeteria together. There everyone was just acting as normal, getting a quick breakfast before they had to go sit in the make up chair, or just grab a sandwich and leave to get the set ready. I saw Aidan, Graham and James sit a bit further in the cafeteria so I grabbed a sandwich and joined them with Richard. ‘So everyone ready for the Mirkwood scenes? Be prepared to see a very fine piece of acting today!’ I suddenly heard the well-known voice of Lee speak while he entered the cafeteria, ‘Don’t spoil it too much, let’s just show them our bad ass and yet elegant as fuck acting skills’ Evangeline said coming in after him. Orlando who was already dressed up as Legolas just walked behind them not caring for a moment about what they said. He just cared about one thing in that moment, food.
After breakfast I quickly went to the studio to go through everything that needed to be filmed that day. Lee was already sitting on his throne when I entered, he wore his full Thranduil costume and if I didn’t know any better I would have thought a real elf just walked in here and sat on that throne. ‘What are you looking at you peasant, be gone you’re ruining my magnificent view’ he suddenly spoke looking at me in bored way. I first looked behind me thinking he would be talking to one of the dwarves, but there was no one standing behind me ‘Yes you lady’ he then spoke again which made me give him an angry look. Slowly I walked even closer up to him, up the stairs that led to his throne until I stood right in front of him. When my face was only a few inches away from his I smiled looking at his confused expression. ‘Boo!’ I suddenly squeaked which made Lee crawl a little deeper into his throne. Now I definitely couldn’t stop laughing. ‘Oh dear you almost did it, you almost scared me off if I didn’t know you any better it would have worked!’ I told Thranduil before carefully walking down again towards Evangeline who was also laughing at Thranduil’s ridiculous face ‘remember dear elf the only beautiful view here is this ass!’ I then spoke walking away while shaking my ass at Lee who also had a smirk on his face now as he watched me go. When I walked around the corner I was suddenly stopped by Dean. ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ he sizzled at me pulling me into the corner so no one could interrupt or even see us. At first I had no idea what he was talking about until I saw him looking from Thranduil to me. ‘Well?’ he sizzled ‘Dean please, stop acting so childish, I was playing a little game with Lee’ I answered. Dean shook his head in disbelief ‘A game? You call that a game? I have been watching you guys for a long time and this is no game anymore, you two are just openly flirting with each other. We’re at work here Hera! You can’t just do that kind of things!’ Dean then spoke. I almost couldn’t believe my ears ‘Flirting?’ I squeaked. ‘Yes exactly don’t act like you don’t know, first you hang around Richard like you’re his cat, now Lee’ Dean mumbled, I couldn’t help but let out a fake laugh. ‘Oh Dean please grow up’ I said but it didn’t seem to calm him down at all ‘I am serious, stop this game of you now!’ he spoke again. At that moment I suddenly had a pretty genius plan, if he thought I was flirting with Lee, he had no idea of my relationship with Richard. Maybe if Lee played along I could keep Dean from finding out about Richard and I. Now that I knew how he freaked about about this whole flirting idea I’d rather not find out how he reacted if he found out I was together with Richard. ‘Look you can’t keep deciding how I should live my life, it’s just a playful game, okay let us be friends and go have fun with your own friends okay?’ I then spoke before walking away towards Andy so I could get my own camera and film some behind the scenes stuff today.

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