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Crowley slept in until noon the next day. Jetlag always seemed to hit him hard and this time was no exception. He threw on some dark shorts and a dark red shirt before shuffling towards the lunch buffet. He could use some eggs right now, but settled for a croissant, brie and a black coffee to nurse him back to a state that resembled ‘awake’ in some way. He was sitting on the balcony where he could overlook the pool and the beach beyond the resort.

He had brought some (slightly oversized) swimwear with him just in case, but he usually felt way too self conscious without clothes on. He always felt oddly exposed and vulnerable, but he also didn’t really like his lanky figure. He was too thin for his own liking and besides that, he sported quite a few scars he prefered to hide and that ugly tattoo he got when he was nineteen. So he just kept his shorts and shirt on and find other things to occupy his time here with.

From up here he spotted a familiar head of blonde curls sitting at the pool. He could see multiple members of the Fell family down there, even though he didn’t really recognize anyone besides Aziraphale and Gabriel. A young boy walked up to Aziraphale, his hair just slightly less curly and a darker blonde colour and definitely a Fell. Crowley wondered if it was his son and felt a pang in his chest. Was Aziraphale married after all? He absolutely should be married and have kids, he deserved it, but he didn’t mention them last night.

Crowley decided to focus himself on his coffee and stop by the beach later. It would be better if he just ignored the pool. Besides, he shouldn’t be interested in Aziraphale’s life at all. They both had their own lives now and they weren’t friends anymore. Last night had reminded him of their past friendship and Crowley wouldn’t really mind if they would become friends again, but it would be awkward anyway. So, best to stay away. He was just glad that they avoided to talk about the thing and didn't want to risk another opportunity for Aziraphale to bring it up.

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