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avyricciardo: finally got the tattoo we talked about for years, love you big brother ❤

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user1: it's so beautiful!
danielricciardo: so happy with it. Love you baby sis ❤
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maxverstappen1: it turned out great you guys ❤
user2: beautiful ❤
dilarasanlik: it's great ❤
hulkhulkenberg: @danielricciardo when are we gonna get matching tattoos brother ❤❤
danielricciardo: soon brother, soon ❤
user4: omygod i love the bromance between @hulkhulkenberg and @danielricciardo 😍❤
avyricciardo: i know right, they are so cute together 😍
kimimatiasraikkonen: nice!
user6: omygod, Kimi liked and comment 😏😍

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