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avyricciardo: goodbye Australia, off to cheer on my favorite drivers 👋❤

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maxverstappen1: yess, cain't wait. See you soon 😘
avyricciardo: can't wait either 😘
user2: have fun!
dilarasanlik: such a bummer i can't be there 😭
avyricciardo: we'll meet again soon babe ❤😘
hulkhulkenberg: well, finally gonna meet ya 😏
avyricciardo: yess, finally 🎉
danielricciardo: @the_crochet_girl please keep your boyfriend in tone 🙄😅
the_crochet_girl: @danielricciardo will do mate, don't worry 😉
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kimimatiasraikkonen: bwoah, why not cheer for me?
avyricciardo: because we haven't officially met!
kimimatiasraikkonen: well, come to the alfa romeo garage, so you can meet @antogiovinazzi99 also!
antogiovinazzi99: would like that!
avyricciardo: well, see you in France then 😉
danielricciardo: why is everyone suddenly so obsessed with my sister? She's been to races before you know 🙄
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