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danielricciardo: keep on walking, keep on walking, keep on walking, walking, walking! #findingnemo #dory

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avyricciardo: well hello there Michael 😏😍
michaelperformancecoach; hello beauty ❤
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danielricciardo: no mate, she's off-limits ey 😉
michaelperformancecoach: i know that mate. Don't worry 😘
user2: Jesus Christ, how can 2 people be so beautiful 😨😍
louisecameron: damn boy. Look at you 😎😍
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avyricciardo: those hashtags 😂
vettelofficial: i can only say one word: dork!
avyricciardo: ahahaha yess 😂
vettelfans: guys. We are not ignoring that Avy and Seb commented on each other right?
user 2: nope, already ship them 😍↪user 4: me too ❤
hulkhulkenberg: MEEE TOOO ❤
user2: omygooood Nicoo commented 😱😍

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