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maxverstappen1: N E V E R G I V E U P💪💪💪💪 YEEEESS. Orange army, thank you, thank you, thank you #unleashthelion #orangearmy #austriangp

dilarasanlik: so so so so proud ❤
avyricciardo: great finally seeing you ❤ proud of him
christianhornerofficial: well done mate 💪👍
avyricciardo: yess, proud of you Max 💪❤
user5: why is Avy always commenting on Max's posts?
user4: yeah, like come on bitch he already got Dilara 🖕
danielricciardo: @user4 don't ever call my sister a bitch again! 🖕
user7: leave Max alone Avy, he doesn't want you, you ugly bitch!
dilarasanlik: wow, calm down okay, Avy and Max are best friends. Don't ever call her ugly and a bitch again! 😠
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danielricciardo: very proud brother 🙌
vettelofficial: great job Max 💪
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