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avyricciardo: having a little break before heading to Germany 🏎

danielricciardo: have fun sis, see you in four days 😘
dilarasanlik: yess, see you there babe ❤
avyricciardo: can't wait babe ❤
dilarasanlik: let's catch up with @the_crochet_girl and @gg_giadigianni!
gg_giadigianni: i would love that ❤
the_crochet_girl: yeah me too 😍
avyricciardo: can't wait girls ❤
vettelofficial: 😳😍
avyricciardo: 😘❤
danielricciardo: waait, whut is going on here? 🕵️‍♂️
kimimatiasraikkonen: yes, please tell mr. Vettel.
hulkhulkenberg: @avyricciardo what is this? 😏
avyricciardo: oow guys, shut the fuck up 🙄
vettelfans: well. That escalated quickly 😳😍
user4: yess. I would love Seb and Avy togheter ❤
hulkhulkenberg: me too ❤
kimimatiasraikkonen: to be hounest, me to!

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