Heey you.

Hi 😊

How are you?

I'm fine, and you?

I'm good too,
hey i wanted to ask you something...

Well, go ahead!

So, i saw you were coming to the German GP. And i wondered, do you want to go out with me?

Like on a date? 😳


I would love that!

Great, when are you gonna be there?

Well, I'm in Florida now, but i will be there in four days. So that will be Tuesday!

That's great, i also will be there on Tuesday. Hang out Wednesday? I've got the day off?

Sounds good to me 😊

Great, I'll pick you up at 16:30 okay?

Okay, i will send you my hotel address and roomnumber later.

That's okay, can't wait to see you again 😘

Me neither Seb 😘

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  • Winterdawn

    It's interesting. Keep it in English please! I can really hear their voices in my head and and how they'd actually smile or smirk or 'rage' or flirt in real life with the previous ones hahahaha.
    But yeah, I'd rather read something in English than in Dutch tbh. Ik vind het gewoon fijner om het in het Engels te lezen, omdat sommige dingen ook minder bot over komen dan in het Nederlands. Tenminste vind ikxD

    1 maand geleden
    • VETTEL_5

      Same here haha.
      Vindt t ook iets realistischer overkomen dan Nederlands.

      Gaan we gewoon lekker verder in het engels 👌😁

      1 maand geleden

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