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avyricciardo: today was amazing ❤
📷: @vettelofficial

the_crochet_girl: yess girl. Get him ❤
gg_giadigianni: happy for you babe ❤
danielricciardo: still don't know if I'm comfortable with this 🤔
hulkhulkenberg: ah mate, cheer up. Let them be 😉
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vettelfans: oh well, I'm so happy he finally found someone ❤
user2: nothing has been confirmed yet!
user4: ugh, first Max and now Sebastian. Slut 🙄
user1: i know right. Who's next?
user4: maybe @kimimatiasraikkonen? And then on to the next until she had every driver on the grid 🙄
user5: she's so ugly and fat, Seb deserves so much better.
kimimatiasraikkonen: ☝️fuck you!

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  • Winterdawn

    Oh damn, I heard Kimi in my head. !ban the rude ones! *inserts Lando rage emote*

    1 maand geleden
  • VampireMouse

    Verder!!!! Engels is fine by me.:D

    1 maand geleden

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