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avyricciardo: what a race! Proud of you both ❤😘

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dilarasanlik: yess. proud of our boys ❤
user4: wait. Our boys?
user6: what is this?
user8: well that means they date right?
user6: omygod. my heart 😍
user9: well okaay.
maxverstappen1: thanks hun 😘
vettelofficial: thanks babe ❤😘
avyricciardo: 😍😘
user6: again with the babe 😍
user9: tell us you're dating allready 🙄
vettelfans: love this ❤
user5: back off bitch 🖕
user3: why the hate? Let him be happy!
kimimatiasraikkonen: they did good 👍
danielricciardo: well that was an unexpected result. But proud of you @maxverstappen1 😍😉
maxverstappen1: aah, thanks babe ❤😍

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  • Winterdawn

    Hahaha Daniel ook echt alleen maar happy voor Max ofzo? XD Maxiel <3

    1 maand geleden
    • VETTEL_5


      1 maand geleden

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