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avyricciardo: well, summer break was over in like a second. Now back to supporting our boys ❤🏎

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vettelfans: love that's she's wearing the Ferrari color 😍
vettelofficial: hottest girl on the whole grid ❤
avyricciardo: Naah, hottest boy on the whole grid ❤
danielricciardo: please get a room you guys 🤢
vettelofficial: after the race mate 😏
danielricciardo: oh well, definitely didn't want to know that 😐
user3: ahahaha 😂😂
hulkhulkenberg: cuties 😍
the_crochet_girl: you beauty's 😍

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  • Winterdawn

    *veegt het water van z'n scherm af* ehm well that escalated quickly, but well.... Daniel was way too funny, againxDand Seb as well hahahahaha

    1 maand geleden
    • VampireMouse

      Im hou nu al van dit verhaal!

      1 maand geleden

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