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vetteloffcial: my biggest and most beautiful price ever ❤

tagged: avyricciardo

vettelfans: she's so beautiful Seb 😍❤
danielricciardo: my beautiful sis ❤
kimimatiasraikkonen: you hit the jackpot mate ❤
maxverstappen1: my beautiful best friend 😍
hulkhulkenberg: like i allready said: have babies please 😍
user2: big she is indeed!
user3: yes indeed!
user5: and still ugly!
user1: can't believe Seb really loves her 🙄
kimimatiasraikkonen: shut up 🖕

mintturaikkonen: you're so lucky Seb. Love you togheter ❤
dilarasanlik: best couple ever ❤
charles_leclerc: great job teammate 🙌
user8: can't believe everybody loves her, just look at her. Ugly face!

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  • Winterdawn

    Pfft stupid haters. Get a life, get out of here. Of zoals ik laatst een kat hoorde schreeuwen in een filmpje "WHO ARE YOU? WHY? WHO ARE YOU? GO OUTTT!" XD

    1 maand geleden
    • VETTEL_5

      Omygod. Ik wil dat filmpje ook zien hahaha 😂

      1 maand geleden
    • Winterdawn

      Ik stuur je die prive even! Staat wel in een hele compilatie, maar hij is wel heel leuk XD

      1 maand geleden

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