Schatze, i'm so sorry about what they say about you 😔

It's okay liebe, i should've known that when i started dating you!

Don't you ever believe them, you are so fucking beautiful ❤😍

I won't.
I love you ❤

Love you more than anything in this world, you know that right?

I know that Seb ❤

Funny how things can go so quickly hu?

Say that, it's been only 2 months. But i can't live without you anymore. Never thought i could love someone so much, so quick. You are my world. Please never leave me 😭❤

Believe me Liebe, i would never leave you, i would break ❤

What did i do to deserve you?

Just being you, i fell in love with you, not only because you're sexy as fuck, but i love your personality too. And how you care about you're family and friends ❤

Fucking hell Mr. Vettel, you know how to make a women cry 😭😂

Well, be prepared for our wedding then. I've got so much more to say to you liebling ❤

Wedding hu? When? 😏

You have to wait a little longer liebe, it's only been 2 months hè!

I know, that would be really quick. But Nico already wants us to have babies 😂

Nico is crazy. But yeah, i would love to have children with you!

Crying again 😭

I'm sorry haha.
I need to go, free practice.

That's okay babe, I'm at the airport. Waiting for Louise. See you soon. And please, be safe 😘❤

Always. Love you liebe 😘

Reacties (1)

  • Winterdawn

    Aaaaawwww sooo cuuuuuuuuuuteee! *inserts Lando's cute emote*

    1 maand geleden
    • VETTEL_5

      Ik wil ook een Seb in real life 😭😅

      1 maand geleden
    • Winterdawn

      Hihihi, if you could get a clone somewhere? XD

      1 maand geleden
    • VETTEL_5

      Dat zou geweldig zojn!
      Gimme one 🤤😍

      1 maand geleden

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