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avyricciardo: well hello Russia 👋

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dilarasanlik: see you tomorrow babes ❤
the_crochet_girl: on the plane now, see you soon 👋
gg_giadagianni: next to Dilara right now 😘

user1: omygod, all the girlfriends gonna be together to support their man's 😭😍
vettelfans: love how you support your man Avy 😍
danielricciardo: what about supporting your big brother hu? 😔
avyricciardo: aah Dan, i will always be you're number one fan. Love you ❤😘

user2: 🤢🤢
user3: fat pig 🐷
user5: oink oink 🐖
vettelofficial: so damn perfect 😍😌
user4: still can't believe Seb loves her.
user3: he doesn't. She's just a snack. Nothing permanent!
user8: i mean, how could anybody love her? Like all the boys are crazy about her? I can't see why 🤔🕵️‍♂️
user6: hmm, that's the question. She's not that beautiful 🤨
kimimatiasraikkonen: beauty 😍
hulkhulkenberg: Seb is so lucky with you ❤

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  • Winterdawn

    Oh al die haters aan het praten over hoe ugly ze is en al de coureurs helemaal in love met Avy XD ge-wel-dig!

    1 maand geleden

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