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avyricciardo: off to the last one. Abu Dhabi here we come 🏎✈

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vettelfans: yess. Love the red jacket 😍
vettelofficial: gosh, beautiful 😍😭
kimimatiasraikkonen: damn girl 😉
user3: you are so handsome!
user6: beauty!

danielricciardo: well, i know who the prettiest of the family is... IT'S MEEE 😂
avyricciardo: well, i have to agree with you on that one 😂😘
louisecameron: nooo way, Aiv is much prettier 😍
danielricciardo: @louisecameron okay, thanks. I know my rate 🙄
louisecameron: @danielricciardo love you babe 😘
vettelofficial: well i don't share that opinion @danielricciardo. Aiv is the prettiest 😍
danielricciardo: it would be weird if you had agreed on my opinion mate 😂
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user7: ugh 🤢
user8: 🐷🐷
user9: 🐷🐷
user10: please, lose some weight. You are too fat 🐖

hulkhulkenberg: well Aiv, i think you are perfect girl. Don't ever believe them 😘
avyricciardo: ❤😘😭
kimimatiasraikkonen: he's right ❤
raikkonenfans: omygod, love how they support on Avy 😍

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  • Winterdawn

    All the support she gets from the other drivers <3

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