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vettelofficial: well, it wasn't the season we had in mind. But I'm proud of you guys. Off tot 2020. But first, vacation ✈

scuderiaferrari: we will continue to fight for the title next year 💪
Enjoy your well deserved holiday!
avyricciardo: I'm so so so proud of you liebe 😍❤
danielricciardo: you did well mate 💪
vettelfans: next year you will be a champion 🏎😍
dilarasanlik: great job this year Seb ❤
maxverstappen1: you did very well man 👍

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  • Winterdawn

    I love this story sooo much <3 Ondertussen is lando mij aan het afleiden met z'n streamxD

    1 maand geleden

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