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vettelofficial: mein liebe ❤

tagged: @avyricciardo

avyricciardo: love you ❤
gg_giadagianni: holy fuck girlfriend 🤤
dilarasanlik: she is so so beautiful Seb ❤
mintturaikkonen: she's beautiful!
vettelfans: love how you love her ❤
danielricciardo: ladies and gentleman MY sister ❤❤

user3: still ugly af.
user4: oink oink 🐷
user1: no, still not pretty
user9: she really doesn't deserve you Seb 🤨
hulkhulkenberg: c'mon guys. That's really not nice to say okay? Seb loves her, please respect that! And this time I'm saying it friendly!
ussr5: but it's the truth @hulkhulkenberg!
user2: yes. Open your eyes man. She's so fat 🐖

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  • Winterdawn

    Wauw..... dat is gewoon ronduit brutaal om ook nog zo'n reactie te geven op een coureur die op komt voor iemand D:

    1 maand geleden
    • VETTEL_5

      Haters don't care dat het Nico is 😭

      1 maand geleden

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