Yes Aiv?

I'm not okay!

Tell me!

It's all the haters.
And what they say. I start to believe them. I really don't deserve a man like Seb 😔

No. No no Aiv. Don't you think like that. Don't believe them. They are just jealous. Please Aiv 😘

I don't know how much i can take anymore. I'm at breaking point 😢

Please sis. We love you. Everybody loves you. And i known Seb for a long time now. And I've never seen him looking at a girl the way he looks at you. He's head over heels for ya. He would be lost it if he ever loses you!

I know that, really. And i love you guys too. And i love Seb with my whole heart. But I'm breaking because I'm with him! And i hope all of you understand that it can't go on any further like this.

Please sis. Don't break his heart!

Mines already broken by all the comments Dan 😔 I hope that when I'm not with him. It stops.

But you love him, you can't live without him. You would go crazy. Don't do this. Think about it some more!

Yes, i love him like crazy. And i really can't live without him. But i also can't live to think that every single time i post a pic, of someone post a pic of me, my heart gets stabbed a million times because of those words.

Then just delete social media. Please don't give up on you're biggest love for those fucking stupid jealous twats. They don't deserve that. You are stronger than that. I know that 😘

I know they don't deserve that, but in the end. They will win. They'll break Seb and me apart. If it's not now, then it will be in a couple of months.

Seb will fight for you, no matter what. You know that too. He is really not letting you go sis!

And i will always love him, you know that, he knows that. But at this point. I need to look out for myself before I'm going in that deep dark depression again Dan. You know what crazy shit i can do then.

Then just get help. Talk to me, talk to the girls. But most off all, talk to Seb. I bet he doesn't got a clue about how you feel. And that's not fair to him, if you just drop the bomb off breaking up with him, without him knowing how you feel about everything!

I know i should talk to him, but I'm scared. What if he starts to believe them too hu? What if he now thinks I'm not good enough for him. I would totally understand that. I mean look at me hu 🐖

Please Aiv, don't talk like that. You know it makes me sad and crying that you think like that. You are beautiful. Don't ever forget that ❤

I love you Dan. But I've got my mind made up. I'm sorry 😔😢

Aiv, no, please don't!


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  • Winterdawn

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no D: They can not break up already! D:

    1 maand geleden

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