With tears in my eyes i watched my Instagram account. All my friends posted the exact same picture with the same caption. I hoped that Daniel didn't tell everyone how i was feeling. But he did. And I'm not even angry at him.
Early this morning, after Seb posted that picture, which i asked not to post. I've locked myself in the bathroom, seeing all the comments they made about me. Slowly starting to believe them. I spend an hour and a half watching myself in the mirror. Seeing every mistake,e about me, how little it was. Crying my eyes out.
Seb had knocked on the door a couple of times, i heard he was worried about me. But why would he? I didn't even deserve him.

And now all those posts from everyone, i even start crying louder, screaming at one point. I didn't even care that my mascara was all over my face, i was a total mess.
Until I've got another notification, Seb had tagged me in a picture. And as soon as i opened it, i started crying again. There it was, the truth. Seb loved me, didn't want to live without me. Trough my tears i smiled.

I stood up, looked at myself in the mirror. My mascara was all over my face, i removed most of it. And didn't care that there was still some on my face when i opened the door. I wanted Seb arms around me, as soon as possible. I ran downstairs 'Seb?' I yelled, no response. Was he gone? Did he leave me? Tears directly forming in my eyes at the thought. 'Seb?' I yelled again. Still no response.
I walked over to the kitchen, no Seb. Livingroom, no Seb, dining room, still no Seb. My hands starting to shake and my heart began to pound a bit harder in my chest. He really had left me. My legs couldn't take it anymore and I've let myself fall down on the ground while sobbing heavy. He was gone, he was really gone.

After what felt like hours, but only were five minutes i finally heard his voice. 'Aiv?' he sounds worried. I looked up at him, seeing him wearing his workout gear. He hadn't left me, he just got out for a run. He put his arms around me and picked me up bridal style. I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face at is neck.
He sat us down at the couch, let my cry for a while, while rubbing my back softly. After ten minutes i wasn't longer crying and looked up at him. 'Talk to me schatze' he said softly while rubbing his thumb across my cheek. 'i just, i just started to believe all those things they say about me. Thought i wasn't worth your love. But when i saw all those posts, and then yours. I knew i was all wrong about it' i said to him, looking away embarrassed. 'Don't you ever think like that again Aiv. I fucking love you. I never met anyone like you. You are my world' he said and pressed his lips against my forehead. 'i love you too Seb. But when i didn't found you just yet. I really thought you left me' i said. Getting tears again. 'i would never leave you, never' he said softly, i smiled at him, pressing my lips against his.
I looked up when my phone start buzzing. I picked it up from the table and unlocked it. Seeing i was added to a group chat.

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Omygod, you guys. I'm sobbing right now. Can't stop crying. Mascara all over my face. I love you guys so so so much. Thank you ❤❤❤❤

No problem babe, we love you, and don't want to see you and Seb apart!

Love you 😘

J'taime ❤

Ti amo ❤

Ik hou van je ❤

Ich liebe dich😘

rakastan sinua ❤

I love you so much baby sis ❤❤

Rakastan sinua ❤

Ich liebe dich so sehr mein Schatz ❤❤

you guys, now i really can't stop crying haha. Love you ❤❤❤

I put my phone away and looked at Seb who was still looking at his phone. I smiled, he was my love, my life, my everything.
He suddenly stood up, 'i'm going to take a shower, care to join me?' He said with a smirk on his face. I nodded and he picked me up. Kissing me, slowly leading me to the shower.

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