'Well good morning' the voice of Daniel made me smile. 'Goodmorning Dan' i say with a smile, 'hmm, i don't want to get up' i say while slapping my arms around my boyfriend's body. 'Then let's stay in bed all day' he says, kissing my forehead.

'About staying in bed all day' he says after a couple of hours of watching Friends. 'Yeah' i say looking up at him. 'We have to get ready, i got a little surprise for you' he said and then showing his beautiful smile at me. I set myself up and looked at him curiously. 'No, I'm not gonna tell you' he says pressing his soft lips against mine. 'Please' i say, putting my hands on his chest 'no Louise i won't tell it' he told me with his smile and stepping out off bed. 'I'm taking a shower. Ya coming?' He said blinking and then taking his shirt off. Well, he wouldn't have to ask twice.

'Ooow Dan. This is beautiful' i said putting my hand for my mouth while my eyes filled with tears. 'you like it hu?' 'like it? i love it Dan' while looking at the beautiful sight before me, Daniel took my hand and lead me to the table. 'Why all this babe?' i ask, still very overwhelmed by the whole sight. 'because you deserve it, because i love you' he said, and then pressing a soft kiss against my lips.

'well babe, there is actually one big reason why i brought you here' Daniel began, right after we finished our lovely desserts. 'you're not breaking up right?' I ask him, getting nervous suddenly. 'hell no' he immediately says, grabbing my hand that was lying on table en giving it a soft squeeze. 'i um. Yeah' he began while standing up and kneeled next to my chair. Immediately i knew what he was up to. My eyes began filling with tears, again, as i smiled at him.

'sweet, beautiful, amazing, loving Louise. I know we haven't been together that long, but when you found someone like this, like you, you know soon enough you want to spend the rest of you're life with that person. And my dear Lou, that person is you. I want to live my life with you, explore the world with you, have babies with you, grow old with you. Lou, would you give me the honor to marry you, and let you change your last name into mine?' He opened a little black box, and there it was. The most beautiful ring i ever saw, i was just staring at it. Completely forgetting he wants an answer.

'Love?' He asked. I looked up at him, tears in both our eyes, i shook my head lightly to come back to earth. 'yes. yes. hell yes' i finally answered. I heard Daniel sigh in relief and he picked me up by my hips, i slapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me close. 'i love you so fucking much you know' he said softly while looking me in the eyes. 'i love you Dan, always will' i said and then pressing my lips hard against his.

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