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avyricciardo: well, finally find out how i can post things like this haha 😂
You guys are welcome 😌

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vettelofficial: why you do this to me?
avyricciardo: i know you love me babe 😘
vettelofficial: you are lucky i do indeed 🙄

vettelfans: thank you indeed 😍😍
avyricciardo: there's more 😏
vettelfans: omygoood, can't believe you actually replied to me. I love you and Seb so much together 😍
avyricciardo: thanks, meaning a lot to me 😘

gg_giadagianni: you could've just asked how this works babe haha 😘
mintturaikkonen: you need to learn this to me, got so much stuff off Kimi 😌
kimimatiasraikkonen: you better not lady 🤨
mintturaikkonen: or what? 🙄
kimimattiasraikkonen: no comment!

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  • Winterdawn

    Hihihihihi *giechelt* Ik hoor Kimi dit al helemaal zeggen XD

    1 maand geleden

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