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mintturaikkonen: thanks for teaching ladies @avyricciardo and @gg_giadagianni 😘😂

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kimimatiasraikkonen: yes, thanks a lot girls 🖕
avyricciardo: love youuuu 😘
gg_giadagianni: aaah baby. We love you still 😘
kimimatiasraikkonen: bwoah, you two are lucky i love you too 🙄

raikkonenfans: i really really love this. And also the comments off Avy and Giada 😍
vettelfans: me too, their friendship is so pure ❤

user1: seriously. Now she's into Kimi? Avy, leave these guys alone and go fuck someone else.
user4: exactly what i was thinking 🤨
user5: yess. She's such a slut.
user3: fat whore!
kimimatiasraikkonen: I'm so sick of you guys. Go jump off a bridge or something 🖕🖕
user4: avy just need to let you guys alone. She's not worth you're friendship!
kimimatiasraikkonen: yes she is. We love her. She's ten times the lady you will ever be.
user3: but still ugly af.
kimimatiasraikkonen: well, now I'm angry as fuck. Leave her alone. Once you comment again. I will find you, and believe me, i won't come alone 🖕
user3: I'm supposed to be scared now? 😂
danielricciardo: just stop it already okay? You are disgusting 🖕
avyricciardo: please guys, they are not worth it!

ricciardofans: @user3 @user1 @user5 @user4 you guys are literally so pathetic. Leave Avy alone. She's done nothing to you.. and you are really fighting with Kimi and Dan, and it's not even a post of her. Please leave them alone 🙄😔
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  • Winterdawn

    Pffft. Now they're taking it up on the iceman and the honeybadger.... Time they get reported to instagram...

    1 maand geleden

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