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avyricciardo: how is it one year already? 

Everything has gone by so fast with you, your eyes full of tenderness make me lose all concept of time.  You fill my heart with love, I feel complete with you ❤

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dilarasanlik: one year? Well that went by in a heartbeat! Enjoy your day ❤
danielricciardo: love you both ❤
minnturaikkonen: the cutest couple ever 😚
kimimatiasraikkonen: bwoah what about us 🙄
avyricciardo: i think you guys are the most beautiful en powerful couple 😍
kimimatiasraikkonen: and that's why i love you so much Aiv 😘

maxverstappen1: one year. Pff. Enjoy the day lovebirds ❤
hulkhulkenberg: i bet he was thinking about you when this picture was taken. Congratulations beautiful people ❤
vettelofficial: yeah i was. Thanks Nico ❤

christianhornerofficial: congratulations, you two make a beautiful couple 👍
avyricciardo: thanks Christian 😘
vettelofficial: thanks man 👍

vettelfans:most beautiful couple on the grid ❤😍
avyricciardo: aaah, thank you 😘
vettelfans: oh god, can't believe you comment to me. Again 😍
vettelofficial: thankyou 😊
vettelfans: well, i just died. Sebastian, you are my hero 😍
vettelofficial: hope you did not actually die. But thanks, again 💪

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  • VampireMouse

    Owww die foto!!!
    Door dit verhaal ga ik Vettel anders bekijken in 2020 denk ik hahaha.
    Love it!

    1 maand geleden
  • Winterdawn

    It's soooooooo cute <3 *inserts landocute emote*

    1 maand geleden

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