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vettelofficial: thanks for making me the happiest man on earth, you beautiful women. Can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you ❤

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kimimatiasraikkonen: like i said before, you really hit the jackpot man 😍❤
charles_leclerc: damn seb, you lucky bastard ❤
gg_giadagianni: she's so beautiful. You are a lucky man 😍

vettelfans: how can anyone be so beautiful 😍😭
raikkonenfans: i know right 😍
le_clercfans: well, all the boys have beautiful girlfriends 😍
user2: yeah, except Seb. Avy is not beautiful!
ricciardofans: yes she is! Just fuck off already 🖕

danielricciardo: thanks man, for making her so happy. Couldn't wish for a better brother-in-law ❤
vettelofficial: she's the one making me happy man. You're the best ❤
avyricciardo: oow you guys 😍❤😭

hulkhulkenberg: you two are a perfect match ❤ when's the wedding hu? 😏
user1: wedding? Are they engaged? 😭
user3: wait. Whut? 😱
user7: wedding? 😏
hulkenbergfans: yesss. Nico in a suit 😍
vettelfans: most off all. Seb in a suit, and Avy in a wedding dress 😍
user9: when? Where?
avyricciardo: thanks Nico haha.
Guys, there is no wedding. We are NOT engaged 😉
vettelofficial: not yet 😏

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  • Winterdawn

    hahahahaha I can hear all of their voices in my head XD but especially vettel at the end XD

    1 maand geleden

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