'Wake up schatze. It's you're brother's wedding day' I was wide awake when Seb said them, jumping right out of bed. 'That's the fastest I've seen you getting out of bed' Seb says laughing. 'Yeah well. I'm so excited. Who ever thought that my brother was going to marry. I didn't' i replied.

'Ya comin'?' I asked while walking towards the bathroom. 'For what?' 'A shower' i answered turning it on. Within two seconds Seb was standing behind me. Putting his hands on my hips, turning me around. 'I can't say no to that' he said. Then he pressed his lips at my cheeks. Trailing down to my neck, further down to my collarbone while undressing me from my pajamas. 'We have to do this far more often. I missed you're touch Seb' i said, planting my hands on his shoulders and moaning softly. 'Ow believe me schatze. This summer break, we'll make up for the lost time' he said with his beautiful smile.

'So, what ya think?' I asked, Seb looked at me. A big smile was spreading across his face. 'You are so fucking beautiful' he replied. 'Let me take a photo' he said grabbing his phone from the table.

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'Well, my turn to get ready now' he said. Walking back to the bedroom and leaving me alone. I sighed as i thought off today. My brother was really going to be a married man after today. It made me smile like crazy. No one ever thought that.

Hey big brother,
Just a little message from you're favorite sister!
How are you holdin' up?
I just wanted to let you know that I'm so proud off you. Finally found the perfect girl. Can't wait to see you guys putting the rings on ❤

Hi sis.
To be honest, I'm terrified haha. What if she doesn't show up? I will look like a fool.
I'm proud of you too baby sis. Love you the most ❤

Ofcourse she will show up. She loves you more than anything in this world. Don't be terrified. Everything is going to be okay. This will be the best day in you're life. Enjoy every minute off it ❤
I love you, we got this ❤

You always know how to cheer me up with the exact right words.
We got this ❤

'Mr. Vettel will see you now' at the sound off Seb's voice i turned around. Making my jaw fall to the floor. 'Well, hello there Mr. Vettel' i said, walking over to him. 'You are some handsome german' i said, pressing my lips against his.

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'Let's go then' he said. I suddenly got nervous. It was really time. My brother really was getting married in two hours. 'You okay?' Seb asked. 'Just nervous. It's okay. Nothing to worry about' i replied. Opening the door of the car. Seb hired a car for us, so that both of us could drink.

'I'll be right back ok?' I said to Seb while we walked over to our friends. He nodded and kissed my cheek. I walked to the little church and opened the door. It was beautiful. I laid my eyes on the person sitting on the bench.

'Hey' i said, putting myself next to him, grabbing his hand. He looked up, tears in his eyes. 'Hey sis. You look beautiful' he said. Putting a kiss on my forehead. 'You look stunning to bro' i said. 'Are you okay?' I asked and laid my head on his shoulder. 'Yes. Just a little bit overwhelmed. That's all' he sighed. 'It's going to be a beautiful day Dan. Nothing can ruin this day okay?' 'I know that' he said with a little smile. I looked up when i heard the doors were opening.
'Are you coming?' Seb asked while walking over. I looked at my brother. Squeezing his hand one more time before giving him a kiss and then i stood up. 'See you soon' i said while taking Seb's hand and leaving my brother alone.
Only to see him walking down the aisle twenty minutes later!

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    OMG IK WIL MET DANIEL TROUWEN!!!!!! #Heartbroken
    Love Seb and Avy!

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    Oehlala. <3 I liked this chapter!:)I was wondering when you were going to upload them again this morning XD

    But, you actually need to check some of the things you write in English. For example you write 'you're brothers wedding' but it actually is 'your brother's wedding':PThere are a couple more of these you're/your mistakes in this chapter. Also the off/of and a few more things are not really how it should be, but I understand what you mean with it tho:)#PieceOfAdvice

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