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louisericciardo: hello nice to meet you, I'm Mrs. Ricciardo 😭👰
It was the most emotional, wonderful, magical day of my life. Thanks everyone for being there ❤

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dilarasanlik: magical it was ❤
hulkhulkenberg: it was amazing. Have fun on you're honeymoon. Make babies 😏
the_crochet_girl: leave them 🙄
danielricciardo: there will be a lot of practicing 😏
the_crochet_girl: didn't need to know that Dan. But have fun 🤭😜

avyricciardo: you looked stunning ❤
vettelofficial: so did you 😍
louisericciardo: i totally agree with Seb ❤

ricciardofans: you are beautiful ❤

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  • Winterdawn

    <3 <3 Soooo cute! And the funny Hulk is back guys XD

    1 maand geleden

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