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avyvettel: the rumors are true. We got married 👰🤵
without me knowing it, Seb planned the whole thing. Let my friends pick out my dress, and they did a perfect job. I loved it ❤
thanks to everyone who was there, it was all i ever wanted, Seb did a great job. I couldn't do it better myself. I loved every minute of it.

Seb, Schatz, ich liebe dich für immer,
bis der Tod uns scheidet ❤❤

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kimimatiasraikkonen: finally. I had to shut up for so long.. never tell me this kind of secrets anymore.
But, i loved the day. Thanks for sharing it with us ❤
mintturaikkonen: you almost told her 🙄 it was a perfect day, just how you guys are ❤

danielricciardo: you deserve a man like him sis. He's the best. I know you guys will live the best life possible. And I'm happy I'm a part of that. I love you, and we got this ❤
avyvettel: aaah Dan, you always know how to make me cry. So happy you are my brother. Couldn't do anything like this without you, i love you. And hell yes, we got this ❤

maxverstappen1: happy that you loved it. Seb put so much effort into it. You guys are amazing ❤
dilarasanlik: happy you liked the dress babe. You looked beautiful in it 🤩👰
hulkhulkenberg: it was a great day. Lucky to enjoy it with all of you guys 😍
charles_leclerc: it was a beautiful day, full of beautiful people. Merci ❤

vettelfans: omygod, so happy for you. and Avy Vettel. It sounds so good 😍
raikkonenfans: it does 😍
user3: still can't believe he married her 🤔😂
user4: i know right. She's still a fat piggy 🐖
user5: She still doesn't deserve Seb.
user8: they won't last that long 🤭

vettelofficial: couldn't wish for a better day. I love you. Always will my schatze ❤

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  • Winterdawn

    Seb in the end *puppyeyes* that's soo cute! And Kimi & Minttu XD Ik hoor 'm het gewoon in mijn hoofd zeggen! Dat maakt het alleen nog maar grappiger.

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