Sorry voor de vertraging 🙈

Nu weer een paar hoofdstukjes,
Want wie jarig is trakteert! 🎂😁

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vettelofficial: finally you are my wife. Still can't believe it ❤

Thanks everyone who helped with the surprise. Especially @danielricciardo and @kimimatiasraikkonen.

My dear Avy. I love you. I will always do. You are my heart. You are my world ❤❤

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danielricciardo: thanks mate for letting me help you. We did a hell of a good job. So happy for you two ❤
kimimatiasraikkonen: yes we did. Thanks for trusting in letting us help you. It was magical. Love you both man ❤

avyvettel: it was amazing. Thanks guys ❤ my dear sweet Seb, you are stuck with me now mister. I love you ❤

user3: i won't believe this is real, Seb will never marry someone as ugly as her 🙄
user2: i also think it's fake.
user4: but on the pic, it's really Seb and her? 🤔
user5: it's all just for show.

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  • VampireMouse

    Dan hebben we toch nog een lichtpuntje aan dit #%#^$% weekend. Als snap ik het wel.

    Geniet van je verjaardag! <3

    Die haters moeten ff hun mond houden...

    3 weken geleden
  • Winterdawn

    I still hate the haters... Is that even possible tho?


    OMG IK GA ZO HARD HUILEN T___T No racing but *cries* safety first!

    3 weken geleden

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