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'Babe, wake up. I've got a surprise for you' Seb said while caressing my cheek. I smiled while turning over to him. Putting my arms around his warm body. He was already dressed 'what time is it?' 'Ten o'clock' he answered. 'Why didn't you wake me earlier?' I asked, letting out a yawn. 'That's why. You needed your sleep. Especially after last night' he said with a smirk.

I smiled while thinking back at last night: It was amazing. Seb had cooked dinner for the two off us. We enjoyed it with a glass of wine. After dinner we headed outside at the balcony, enjoying some more wine and the view of the Switzerland mountains from Seb's house. 'Aiv?' He asked softly while running his hands through my hair. I hummed. 'I love you' He said.

I turned to face him. He was looking at me, a little smile on his face 'Oh Seb, i love you too' i said, slamming myself against his body for a big, warm hug. I let go off him and then locked my eyes with his, before my lips touched his.

Soon we found ourselves all wrapped up in each other. Hands were everywhere. 'Seb' i moaned as he kissed my jawline, down to my neck and then my collarbone. 'can we just skip this part en go fucking' he said. Pulling my shirt up. 'Seb!' I said laughing. I never heard him say that. I didn't know he could be so rough mouthed.

'yes, back on earth babe?' He asked with a smirk. He knew exactly what i was thinking about. My cheeks turned a light color off red, hiding my face under the blankets. 'No need for shaming, it was an amazing night' he said, pulling the blankets away and kissed me, pulling me on top of him. 'I love you so much Aiv' he said. 'I love you to Seb' i answered, looking to his eyes that were full of love. 'How i love to spend the rest of the day in bed with you. We have to go' he said. 'Yeah, i will change'

'Mom, Dad. What are you doing here?' i was completely stunned. 'Hi love' my mother said while putting her hands around me. 'Hi' i said blinking back the tears while my dad put his arms around me. 'I've missed you so much' i said smiling, a tear escaped my eye. 'Seb got a huge surprise for you. He needed us for that' my dad replied.

'And not only your parents' i heard. I turned around. Seeing Seb's parents, Norbert and Heike, walking into the room, followed by his brother, Fabian, and sisters, Melanie and Stefanie. 'what are you guys all doing here?' I was completely overwhelmed.

When the doorbell rang I looked at Seb, who just gave me a wink and walked over to the door. 'I'm nervous' i told the people in the room while setting myself down next to Stefanie. 'You are gonna love it' she says. Putting an arm around my shoulder.

'Helloooo Vettel and Ricciardo family' i heard a familiar voice coming from the door. As i look up i see Kimi and Minttu walking our way. Followed by Max, Dilara, Charles, Giada, Nico, Egle, Daniel, and Louise. 'Oh you guys. This day is getting weirder and weirder' i said while getting off the couch to greet them all.

'Well, Aiv. You are coming with us' Dilara said when i hugged all of them. 'And where are we going?' 'If we tell. There's no surprise anymore hu' Kimi said. 'Now, chop chop. Let's get moving' my mom said, putting her hands on my shoulders, pushing me forward. 'wait' i said while turning around. 'bye' i said to Seb, pressing my lips against his. 'i love you' he softly said in my ear after the kiss. I smiled at him and then walked away.

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  • VampireMouse

    owwww zo leuk!!!! <3<3<3 dit is zeker van de vorige post! Omg cant wait!

    Jij hebt 10 (?) keer geupload geloof ik. Zal ik je dan ook 10 keer feliciteren?
    Jawel hea, das wel zo leuk!


    3 weken geleden
  • Winterdawn

    :OI WANNA KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN! D: Djdaklfjaslkfjdlkajfglkasjgklajk

    3 weken geleden

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