after being in the mini-bus for about fifteen minutes my mom handed me something. 'put it on' she said. I looked at it, realizing it was a blindfold. 'oke' i said looking at all of them, then putting it on. Making my vision go black.

'take my hand' Heike said. She grabbed my hand and lead me out of the mini-bus. 'You can take it off now darling' my mom said. I put the blindfold down, squeezing my eyes shut at the sunlight after seeing black for a long time. When i opened them again i gasped for air. 'what the hell is going on? What am i doin' here?' i asked, turning around and facing all the girls. 'well my dear sweet daughter. You are getting married' my mom said while putting her hands into mine. My eyes widened at the words. 'married? Me? I'm not even engaged to Seb' i said. It was all a bit overwhelming for me. 'He wanted to make it special' Heike told me. 'he succeeded at that' i say with a little smile, looking back behind me again.

'c'mon babe, let's get you in your dress' Minttu said, grabbing my hand 'i don't even have a dress'  'yes you have. Seb thought off everything, let us pick out a dress for you. So we really hope you like it' she lead me to a room. Closing the door. 'there it is. If you need help. Just shout. We will be in the room next door. Putting on our dresses' she said. 'wait. Min, is this really happening?' i asked, tears starting to form in my eyes. 'yes Aiv. It is. You are going to marry Seb in less than half-an-hour. So hold back those tears and get in your dress' she said and after giving me a kiss on the cheek she left me alone with my dress right in front of me. And seeing it hanging there, i already loved it.

'Are you ready love?' i smiled at hearing my father's voice on the other side of the door. 'give me ten seconds' i said while putting my left foot in my heel. i looked at myself in the mirror. i was really wearing a wedding dress. 'i'm done' i told my dad, letting out a huge shivering breath. My dad opened the door. When he saw me his eyes got teary. 'dad don't' i say laughing, feeling the tears in my own eyes. 'you are so beautiful Aiv' he said. Pressing a kiss on my forehead. 'let's go then. Don't let him wait any longer' he said. I put my arm through his. Closing my eyes for a second, i let out another shivering breath and opened my eyes again. 'here we go'

As soon as we walked outside i looked up. There was soft music playing. I looked right into Seb's eyes. And even at this distance, i can see them getting teary. 'i'm going to cry' i said to my dad, holding on to him a little tighter. 'that's okay love' he said, giving me a wink before we finally start our walk down the aisle. i looked around. Seeing all my friends with teary eyes. I smiled at them, then returning my gaze back to Sebastian.

When we finally arrive at the aisle my father let me go, pressing one last kiss against my cheek, giving Seb a firm handshake and then put my hands into Sebastian. 'what the hell Seb' i said when I'm looking at him again. 'surprise' he said. i just smiled, looking at him. He was wearing a navy blue suit with a tie. I thought he couldn't get any more handsome than he already was, boy was i wrong. 'eye-fucking' he softly says in my ear. i just smiled at him 'you look so handsome' i said. 'and you are looking so fucking beautiful' he answered.

After all the formal stuff, we finally came to the part where we would tell our vows. 'Sebastian, you may begin' he was told. He smiled, grabbing my hand.

'dear sweet Avy. i know it's all a little overwhelming for you, and I'm sorry for that. But i couldn't wait any longer. So i thought: hell why not. I wanted to make you my wife as soon as possible.
After i asked your dad for your hand and he gave the all-clear, i started planning. First on my own, well that wasn't working. So i asked your brother and Kimi to help. They were really jumping in the air of joy. Not joking.
It was really hard not to spill anything to you about this day, how closer it came, how more enthusiastic i become.
So to wrap the story up:
Aiv, you are it. You are everything to me, without you i wouldn't be me. I hope we live our life to the fullest, enjoy every moment of being together. Love each other every single minute.
I can't get enough of you, and i can't wait to grow old with you. Ich liebe dich so sehr.

With both tears in our eyes we looked at each other. 'how can i ever beat that hu?' i asked, people laughing at my comment. 'Just tell me what your heart says schatze' he said, squeezing my hand softly. 'okay, here we go'

Dear Seb,
Yeah I'm a bit overwhelmed. But i really appreciate all you did for me. From choosing this beautiful spot to making my friends pick out my dress.
I really love you, and i was really waiting for you to pop the question. But this, this is so much better. I couldn't have wished for anything more. I'm with all the people i love.
And I'm marrying you, I'm one lucky girl ya know.
I never thought that i would actually fall in love with a formula 1 driver.
Dan, Kimi. Thanks for helping. You really made this day unforgettable. I love you guys.
And as for you, mein schatze.
I love you, more than you could possibly know. Every time i look at you those butterflies in my stomach come back to life, and every time there are a bit more.
I fall in love with you a little bit more every day. And i will not stop falling in love with you till we are old, and dead haha.
That's how long you are stuck to me, hope you are up for it. Because, hell, i know i am.
Seb, i love you, and i could never, never live without you anymore.

After i finish i let my emotions get the best of me, and a couple of tears start streaming down my face. 'i love you' Seb whispers while sweeping my tears away. 'i love you' i whisper back. Smiling.

'time for the rings' the pastor says. I see Daniel standing up, walking towards us with his big smile. He stops and opens the little box. 'they are beautiful' i gasped. Looking at them both. Daniel just give me a wink and giving Seb the one for me, and me the one for Seb.

'Sebastian Vettel. Do you take Avy Ashley Ricciardo to be you're lovely wedded wife? And do you promise to love her in sickness and in health. Till death do you part?'

Yes i do!

'Avy Ashley Ricciardo. Do you take Sebastian Vettel to be your lovely wedded husband? And do you promise to love him in sickness and in health. Till death do you part?'

Ow, hell yes i do!

He puts the ring around my finger first, with shaky hands.
Then it's my turn and i put on his ring, also with shaky hands.

'I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride!'

We smile at each other, Seb puts his hand on my lower back, pulling me closer, with his other hand he grabs mine, i put my arm around his waist. Squeezing his hand tightly. 'finally, Mrs. Vettel' he said before putting his lips softly against mine. Making everyone cheer and clap for us.

Ladies and gentlemen, i proudly present to you. Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Vettel.

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  • VampireMouse

    owwww dit is zoooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee <3 I love it !
    Snel verder hoor!! Onee wacht.. ik kan zelf gewoon door klikken HOE HANDIG!


    Ps. Gefeliciteerd!

    3 weken geleden
  • Winterdawn

    oooooh, so damn cute! *happy* whoop whoop. Maar is het niet Mr. & Mrs. Vettel?

    3 weken geleden
    • VETTEL_5

      Yeaah. Maar in het buitenland zeggen ze vaak de voornaam van de man er nog bij. I know, heel apart 😂

      3 weken geleden
    • Winterdawn

      Fucking confussing indeed.

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