'Dan, was that really necessary?' I immediately asked when he picked up his phone. 'yes it was' he replied. And i could hear he was still angry. 'c'mon Dan, it's been almost two weeks' this was getting out of hand.

Seb and Dan crashed last race, and Dan wasn't happy about it. But Seb couldn't really do anything about it. Being pushed off by Sergio Perez, he had really nowhere to go, but Dan's right wheel.

'aiv, i need to tell you something. But i can't tell you over the phone. When do we meet?' Dan suddenly said. 'what is it about?' 'I can't tell you. When do we meet?' 'well, i wasn't planning on coming to Brazil. But i will now, we can meet up there oke?' i said. 'okay, see you then' 'Dan?' i said before he could hang up on me. 'hmm?' was his answer. 'i love you Dan. Please don't forget that oke?' i said, getting emotionally. 'i love you to baby sis' he said, and i sigh in relief.

'you thought i didn't love you anymore, were you?' 'to be honest. Yes i did' i said, getting teary-eyed. 'ow Aiv. please don't even think like that. You are still the most important person in my life. you know that right?' 'i know, I'm being stupid' i said while i sob softly. wiping a tear from my cheek. 'please don't cry sis'

I looked up seeing Seb walking into the bedroom. He looked worried when he saw me crying. I waved it away 'i don't want to cry Dan. But i really hate this fucked up situation oke. I have all the right to cry' i shout, suddenly getting angry at him. 'i know that, but when you hear what i have to say, i know you will understand why i act like this oke?' 'well you better have a good fucking reason for acting like this' i said to him. Seb put his hand on my knee, hoping it would calm me down. And it did. 'it is a fucking good reason Avy. i see you at Brazil' and before i can say anything, he hangs up on me.

'fuck you' i said to my phone. Throwing it on the bed. 'you oke?' Seb asked. 'i'm coming to Brazil. i need to talk to him personally' 'oke. I will call Britta so she can get you on the flight also' he said. I looked at him, butterflies flying around in my stomach.

'you know it's almost three months ago since we got married?' i said, looking at my ring. 'yeah i know' he said. he was acting differently, and not only for today. it has been since the race in Japan.

'what's wrong Seb?' i asked. sitting up, crossing my legs. 'nothing, why?' 'you are acting differently. Not yourself' i said. 'well there's nothing wrong' he said getting up from the bed, walking away without saying another word. I sigh, there was something wrong. And i wished he would tell me.


'where were you?' i asked the moment Seb walked in. 'just out for a run' he simply said 'a run off four hours. Seb it's eleven at night' 'yes, a run of four fucking hours Avy' he yelled at me. my eyes widened, looking at him. 'jeez, I'm sorry for worrying about you Seb' i said walking towards the kitchen to pour myself a glass of wine.

i looked out off the kitchen window. i smiled at the nice view, but that smile disappeared very quickly at the thought off Seb yelling at me. he never yelled. not to me anyway!
a tear streamed down my face, quickly followed by more of them. Roughly i wiped them away, i should not be crying over this.

after finishing my glass off wine i poured myself one more. i walked over to the couch, it was dark in the room, Seb had killed all the lights when he went to bed. i grabbed my phone, unlocking it. i looked at my screensaver, it was a picture of our wedding day, only just three months ago, and we now had our first fight.
we never had a fight before. and i hated it.

when my glass was empty i went to the bedroom, brushed my teeth and put on my pajamas. i softly opened the bedroom door. it was dark, i stepped into the bed. i turned over to Seb. i put my hand on his cheek, softly smiling. i was hoping that tomorrow everything was going to be ok. i pressed a little kiss on his cheek.

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    Noooo. MR. SEBASTIAN VETTEL HOW DARE YOU TO YELL AT YOUR DAMN LOVELY WIFE! Get ur ass up and apologize or I'll kick your ass myself!

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