'are you ok?' Britta asked softly. we were on a flight to Brazil. Seb was asleep. 'no, I'm not' i told her. 'you want to tell me?' 'we are in a fight. we haven't talked over the last three days' i sigh, feeling my eyes getting teary again. 'what is it about?' 'i really don't know. i talked to Dan over the phone. got angry at him. when i hang up i told Seb that we were almost married for three months. he just hummed after that and when i asked him what was wrong, he said it was nothing, then that same night, he went out for a run, a four-hour run. when he came home, at eleven at night, and i asked why he took a four-hour run, he just yelled at me. and since then we haven't really talked. i don't know what to do' i said, softly starting to cry.

'oh Aiv. I'm so sorry' Britta said, putting her arms around me. 'he has never yelled at me Brit, he scared me with it' 'i can understand that, he can yell very hard. do you want me to try and talk to him?' she asked. 'if you want to, i want to know what's wrong with him' 'i will do it when we're in Brazil. I'll keep you up to date' 'thanks Brit' i said, giving her a small smile.


'Dan' i yelled, seeing him. he turned around, a big smile on his face. i was really happy to see him. i ran to him, letting myself fall into his arms, crying.
'hey sis, what's wrong hu?' he asked, looking at me with worried eyes. 'just hold me for a sec' i said, putting my arms around him tighter, he slammed his arms around me, brushing my hair.

'Now tell me what's wrong' we were in Dan's driver's home. he sat me down on the couch. i told him everything 'that bloody german' he said, getting angry. 'ow i really hate him right now, I'm going to confront him' he said. 'Dan, no' but he already storms out of the room.

'shit, shit, shit' i mumbled at myself. Running after him. 'Nico, did you see Dan?' i asked him. he just shook his head. fuck. I run out of the garage, looking left and right. no Dan. I started running towards the Ferrari garage. 'Aiv' I've heard Max calling my name. 'not now Max' i just shout back. arriving at the Ferrari garage i looked around. 'you looking for Seb?' Charles asked me. 'yeah, you've seen him?' 'hi Aiv' he said. hugging me tightly. 'hi Charles' putting my hands around him too. 'i saw Dan and Seb walking towards the parking spots. they didn't look very happy' he softly said in my ear. 'thanks' i said, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

As fast as possible i ran over to the parking spot. i can already hear them screaming at each other. 'you ever yell at her again. i will punch you so hard' i heard Dan scream. 'like i already told you, i wasn't planning on screaming to her' Seb answered. 'GUYS' i yelled. They both looked at me.

'stop it' i said, walking towards them. 'no, he needs to know he can't treat you like that' Dan said to me. 'and also, i need to tell you something' 'Dan, please don't' Seb said. his eyes getting big. 'ow yes i will' i was getting nervous. what was he going to say?

'sis, i love you. that's why i really need to tell you this' he started 'Dan, man. Don't do this' Seb said 'you can't ask me that Seb. she needs to know, she'll found out sooner or later' Dan said, causing Seb to look down at his feet. 'what is it?' i asked, and as i already knew what was coming to my eyes getting teary, again.

'sis, i love you. and i really hoped i never ever had to tell ya these words. but i do now, and i really hated. because i know it will really break your heart' Dan said. 'goddamnit. just tell me already' i yelled at him.

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    I have the feeling that he's cheated on her D:

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      Well.... That...
      Because Im reading this in English I want to react in English hihi.
      Happy birthday!

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