'Aiv I'm so sorry. but Seb cheated on you' Dan said softly. But loud enough for me to hear. 'no he didn't. i don't believe you Dan' i said while the tears were streaming down my face.

'i would never lie to you about that Aiv' he said, trying to pull me in his arms. i looked at Seb, he looked back at me. tears in his eyes. And at that moment i knew Dan was right. My husband really cheated on me.

'why? how? when?' i asked, stuttering. 'Aiv, I'm so sorry' he said, trying to grab my hand 'don't you touch me' i said. 'Aiv, please. Let me fix this' he said desperately. 'you can't' i said, stepping away from the two men. 'sis, where are you going' Dan asked. 'i, i need to be alone' i answered. Starting to run away from them.

I ended up in Max's driver's room. Tears were streaming down my face while i was heavily sobbing. He really cheated on me. I really didn't want to believe it. And i was hoping that i would wake up any minute now, stopping this nightmare.

But i knew it was all true. I saw the look on his face when i looked at him. He looked devastated. But so was i. My heart was racing, and i knew i was going to have a panic attack. i tried to get it under control, but i didn't succeed at that.

'Avy, what the hell?' i heard the voice of Max, looking up at him. 'Can't' i inhaled deeply 'breathe' 'oh nee, kut. uuh oke' he sat himself down on his knees before me, grabbing my hands 'calm down. In trough the noise, out trough the mouth' he said. I followed him, and after two minutes i finally got my breath under control. 'Thanks' i said to him with teary eyes.

'what happened?' he asked a little later. He sat next to me, pulling me into his arms. I laid my head on his shoulder, holding on to him tightly. i couldn't get the words out of my mouth. i couldn't say Seb cheated on me, because when i would say it. It would be really definite.

'Max, have you- oh' i looked up into my brother's eyes. 'oh sis' he said. Sitting himself down at the other side of me. Grabbing my hands, i just stared at the door. 'what happened?' Max asked Dan. He sighed 'tell him' i said softly 'i can't' 'well, Seb cheated' i heard him say. Making me cry again 'well fuck' Max said. Pulling me in tighter, pressing a kiss into my hair.

After a half-hour, i stood up. 'Where ya going? Dan asked. 'Goin to Seb. I need to know Dan' 'really? I need to go with ya?' 'No, i need to do this alone' i said, already feeling like i could cry again. 'you can do this. You are the strongest women i know' he said. 'that we know' Max said. I smiled at the two boys before me. 'i love you guys' pressing my lips to the cheeks of them both. Turning around to go face Seb.

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  • VampireMouse

    Okay Winterdawn said everything about seb. But I do love Dan and Max!


    3 weken geleden
  • Winterdawn

    nooo D: I'M GONNA KICK UR ASS SEB! *runs after Seb ready to kick an ass*

    3 weken geleden

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