With shaky hands and teary eyes i walked into the Ferrari garage. Everyone was greeting me with a smile. i ignored every single one of them, heading straight to Seb's driver room. I grabbed the door handle, taking one last big breath before opening it.

There he was, lying on his couch, tears streaming down his face while sobbing. He looked up. 'Avy' he said. Getting up. 'Hi' i said softly. All the confidence i had in myself just fell to the ground.

'i'm so sorry' he said. trying to grab my hands again, but i pulled them away. 'why Seb? am i not enough for you? didn't i give you enough in the bedroom?' 'it's nothing like that Aiv. It was a big big mistake. i love you, and you are enough.. and hell yes, you gave me enough sex' he answered. 'then WHY?' i yelled at him. I suddenly got furious.

'i was drunk. It was after the race, i bounced into Dan, causing him to exit the race. i was so angry at myself. You were already sleeping. i started with one vodka, but and the end of the night i was fucking drunk. i was on my way back to the hotel when two girls approached me. Before i knew it we were kissing' at those words i felt my heart break a little more. 'we went up to her hotel room, and well yeah' 'you don't have to tell me more' i said.

'how did Dan knew it?' 'Apparently he saw me kissing her. He even took a picture of it. Showing it to me just back there. I knew i was fucked. I knew he was gonna tell you' he said, his eyes still teary. 'i'm sorry Aiv. i really didn't mean any of this'

'Yeah, well you did. And i can't forgive you for this. I really thought that i was the one for you. But i wasn't. You really broke my heart, you ripped it out off my chest, and stamped on it. And now it can't be fixed anymore' i said crying.

'please, let me try to fix it' 'i really want to give you that chance, cause i love you so much. But i can't, my heart is too broken to be fixed' i said while pulling off my wedding ring. 'Avy, don't do this. I know we can get through this' 'no we can't Seb' i grabbed his hand, putting the ring in his palm and then closing it. 'i love you Seb, but it's over' i said, then giving him one last kiss before walking out off the room.


'Avy' i turned around at the sound. Seeing Kimi standing there. He walked towards me. 'i've heard. I'm so sorry for you' he pulled me into a tight hug, making me cry again. 'come, not here in front of the camera's' he said while pulling me with him to the Alfa Romeo garage.

'so it's over now?' He asked after letting me cry and tell him the whole story 'yes, i still love him so much, but my heart is broken' 'i really understand that Aiv' he started 'but?' 'but i know, you can get through this you know' he told me. 'i'm not so sure about that Kimi' 'well, you now need time to get over it. But it will get better. And i know, that at one point, you actually can forgive him' 'we'll see about that' i gave him a little smile.


'Dan?' I knocked at his door. 'come in' he gave me a smile, i set myself down at the couch, 'can i go with you after the race?' i asked him 'of course you can' 'well, there's actually something i want to tell you' he looked at me, saw me getting teary again and sat himself down to me, grabbing my hand  'go-ahead' 'i'm pregnant' i told him softly.

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  • Winterdawn

    *stares* wait, what? She's pregnant? O.O That's pretty fucked up situation tbh:O
    Goddamnit seb....

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