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danielricciardo: i always got your back sis. We got this ❤

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avyricciardo: couldn't wish for a better big brother. I love you ❤
louisericciardo: always there for you babe ❤

maxverstappen1: @avyricciardo love you sis ❤
avyricciardo: aah Maxie, i love you to brother from another mother and father ❤😂
danielricciardo: aah you guys ❤😍

hulkhulkenberg: @avyricciardo 😘😘
mintturaikkonen: you got this @avyricciardo ❤
kimimatiasraikkonen: yes you have ❤
avyricciardo: love you Raikkonen family ❤

dilarasanlik: @avyricciardo @mintturaikkonen @louisericciardo @the_crochet_girl @gg_giadagianna girls night soon? ❤
avyricciardo: yes ❤
gg_giadagianni: yes very soon ❤
the_crochet_girl: cain't wait ❤
louisericciardo: where and when? 😍
mintturaikkonen: let's talk about it in the groupchat ❤

vettelfans: Avy changed her username. Back to Avy Ricciardo. What? Why? 😥🤔
ricciardofans: there are some rumors that Avy and Seb are divorced 🤨
hulkenbergfans: what? Divorced? But they looked so cute together 😭

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