When i finally got my suitcase i followed Dan and Lou, coming through the doors, my eyes immediately found the eyes of my dad. i started walking in a quick pass towards him, when i stood in front of him i slapped my arms around him, holding him tight and starting to cry. my dad put his arm around me too, 'it's oke Aiv, let it go' he said while rubbing my back.

'there is actually one thing i need to tell you' i told my parents. Dan was looking at me, giving me an encouraging smile. 'what is it honey?' my mom asked, looking at me with a worried look. 'well, i, Uhm, two days before we were going to Brazil, i found out that i, uh, i am pregnant' i told them, they both looked at me, shocked. 'is it Sebastian's?' my mother asked. 'mom' Dan hissed at her. 'of course it is Seb's mom, I'm not the one who cheated' i yelled at her 'did you have to ask that Grace?' my dad asked my mom who was still looking shocked. she stood up and walked back to the house. 

'well, life couldn't go any better hu? first my marriage falls apart, and now my mom is angry at me because I'm a divorced-pregnant girl' i said, letting my head fall in my hands, beginning to sob softly 'she's not angry, she's just overwhelmed' my dad said, putting an arm around my shoulder and pulling me closer to him. 'she will be okay sis. just let her get used to the idea you are pregnant' Dan said. i looked up at him, giving him a look. he also had to tell our parents that Louise is pregnant. 

'i'm so sorry hun, i was just a little shocked i guess' my mom said to me, after returning outside after ten minutes 'i know mom, and I'm sorry too. i know this isn't the ideal picture for a baby' 'i'm sure you will handle well, you would be a great mom' she said and then pressed a kiss against my cheek, making me smile. 

'well, i also have to tell you something' Dan started when we were enjoying the dinner my mom cooked for us all. we all looked at him, i smiled at him, knowing what he was going to say. 'Uhm, Lou is also pregnant' he told. i looked at my parents, they looked shocked, again. 'that is great you guys' my dad said, standing up. giving Dan and Lou a hug. 'two grandchildren in nine months, oke' my mom said, standing up and giving them a hug too.

'and we are moving back' Lou told when we all sat back in our chairs. 'back to Australia?' my dad asked. 'yes, so the baby will grow up with his or hers grandparents always around' Dan said, smiling at my mom, putting his arm around Lou's shoulder. 'that is great, you guys already got a house?' my dad asked. the four off them started a conversation, i just lost my interest and just faded away with my own thoughts. 


'Avy?' i heard. i shook my head and looked up. 'hehe, been calling you for five time's' my dad says 'sorry, i was far away with my thoughts. 'i see, care to join me for a little evening walk?' he asked me, i jumped up. i always loved to go on an evening walk with my dad. we did it since i was little. 

'so, will you be telling Seb about the baby?' he asked when we sat ourselves down at the beach. 'i don't think so. i don't know to be honest. i really don't want to see him anymore' 'but he is the father Aiv, you actually don't have the right to take that from him' 'i know that, but the moment he cheated on me, he lost that all. i just want a normal life for the baby' 'i do understand. so not telling Seb then aren't you?' 'not telling Seb' i sighed, i finally made my decision. i would stay here in Perth. taking care of my baby all by myself. 

'you can stay with us as long as you want hu?' my dad said to me 'i know that. but i need to look for something at one point' 'i know that. i just don't want you to rush into anything. i want you to find the best house possible, so you and the baby can live the best life' he said. 'thanks dad' i said while looking at him, i saw he was emotional, and so was i. he put his arm around my shoulder. 'i'm so proud of you, i love you' 'i love you too dad' i said and laid my head on his shoulder. 

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