'i'm coming' i yelled back at my mom. it was Christmas day and we would spend it at the house off Louise her parents. i was wearing a peachy colored dress. one-off my favorite dresses and i loved it. 'done' i said when i finally walked down the stairs 'took you time enough, i was planning to leave like fifteen minutes ago' my mom said. 'oh mom, stop worrying' i told her and followed her to the car.

'hi, I'm Avy. nice to meet you' i said while shaking Doug, Louise's dad, a hand. 'nice to meet you to Avy' he said with a smile. i stepped over to her mother, Sarie. she gave me a warm hug and smiled at me 'nice to meet you Avy' she said. 'it's nice to meet you too, and thanks for letting us spending Christmas over here' i told her with a smile. 'oh no problem, come on in' she said, i followed her and the first thing i saw was Daniel standing up when he sees me. 'Aiv' he said, pulling me in a tight hug, like if he never wanted to let me go. 'thanks for coming, i know you didn't want to' he said softly in my ear.

and he was right, when my mom asked me to join them. i told them no, i wanted to be alone. i hated Christmas since this year. a little while ago i thought i would be spending Christmas with Sebastian. just the two off us, cuddling on the sofa, watching some old Christmas movies while sipping on our hot cocoa. but it wasn't meant to be. and i wasn't sure if i could handle a day like Christmas, without crying. but my dad talked to me, telling me that if i wanted to cry, i can cry. i didn't have to be ashamed of it.

'i knew how much it would mean for you, we didn't spend Christmas for the last three years' i said to him. 'yeah i know, but i would totally understand if you didn't came' 'i know that' i said with a smile, letting go of him to hug his wife.

'i know we said no presents' Dan started and walked to the Christmas tree to grab a little package that was laying there. 'but we all agreed that this would be an exception. My sweet sis. This is to you, from me' he said and gave me the little package. I opened it and saw a silver key.

'what's this?' i asked. 'i will show you, let's go' Dan said to me. 'can we come?' My mom asked. 'let them do this together' my dad said, giving me a smile. 'ok, see you later' Dan said, and after giving Louise a kiss he grabbed my hand and took me outside 'put this on' he said, giving me a blindfold. 'what? why?' 'just put in on' he said with a smile.

Dan stopped the car 'you need to help me' i said, i heard him laughing. he took both my hands to help me get out of the car. we walked a few steps and then he stopped. 'you can take it off now' he said. i took off the blindfold and saw what was in front of me 'Dan, what is this?' i asked, my voice already shaky. 'well my little sis. this is your new house' he said with a big smile.

'my new house? Dan, really?' i said and looked at him with teary eyes. 'yes really, let's go inside' he grabbed my hand and took me to the front door. 'well you got the key' he said. with shaky hands i took the key out off the box, putting it in the key lock, my eyes widened as i turned it around. it actually fitted.

'Dan, this is too much' i said when we got back to the living room after walking around in the house. 'nothing is too much for you Aiv, you deserve this. you deserve a new start' he said, pulling me into a hug 'you are amazing. i love you' i said with a shaky voice, ready to cry again.

we stood there, hugging, for like ten minutes while tears streamed down my face. this was too much, Dan just giving me a house. he was the best brother ever. and i could never, ever, thank him enough for this. 'let's get back' Dan said and he let go of me. 'yeah' i said. giving him one last hug and a kiss on the cheek. 'thank you Dan, this means so much to me'

'so what you think?' Louise asked when we got back. 'it's amazing, and a bit too much. but i love it' i said with a big smile. 'we did a good job there husband' she said and giving Dan a high-five. 'you helped?' I asked her. 'yes, Dan got the idea, i helped him pick out. we both loved this house' 'i love it too. thank you so much' i said, giving her a big hug.

'time for dinner' i heard Doug say, i followed Dan and Lou back outside and found myself a spot at the table next to my dad 'it's lovely hu?' he asked me, i only just nodded with a big smile on my face.

After dinner we decided to play a game of Yahtzee. i was winning when i felt my phone buzzing.

Merry Christmas. I hope you have a good one. Can't stop thinking about you, about us. About how we were supposed to spend this Christmas together. I'm so sorry, please talk to me. I love you Avy ❤

'what's wrong Aiv?' Dan said to me. i looked up 'why?' 'Aiv, you are crying' he told me. i didn't even noticed it. i rubbed away the tears. 'please excuse me for a sec' i said, getting up and walked to the back of the garden, i let myself down on the grass. re-reading the message again. why did he have to do this?

it was so hard, so hard not to care. but i did. i did care about him, even though he broke my heart, i still loved him. i still loved him so much. it made me cry just thinking about that.

'you okay?' i heard behind me, it was Dan. i just shrugged my shoulders, he sat next to me, putting his arm around my shoulder 'will it ever go away? the heartache?' i asked him, 'to be honest, i don't think any time soon. but yeah, in a while it is probably gone'

'i hate him Dan. i hate him for what he's done to me, but i still love him so much' i cried 'i know sis, i know' he said, just holding me and rubbing my arm. 'i know you hate him too Dan, for what's he done to me. but please, when you guys get back to racing in March, please don't run him off the track' i said 'i will do my best, but the only thing i think about now is how i am going to strangle him with my bare hands' he said angrily.

'i know you do, but please, behave, for me?' 'i will do my best. i will do anything for you Aiv. you know that right?' he asked and looked at me 'i know, same here' i said pressing a kiss against his cheek. 

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  • Winterdawn

    Dan's the best brother <3 I WANT A BROTHER LIKE THAT T__T

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      Me too ❤
      Ik heb m liever als man, maar broer is ook goed 😅

      1 week geleden
    • Winterdawn

      Wordt voor mij wel een beetje vreemd hahaha, rather have him as a brother XD

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