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'it's lights out and away we go' the commentator on tv said. it was the fifteenth off march, and race one of a new formula one season. my heart skipped a beat when Dan almost lost control. i sighed as he turned the car back on the track.

'your uncle is doing fine little one' i said, putting my hands on my belly. i was almost five months pregnant. i felt a little kick and smiled. my little baby boy.

halfway through the race i stood up to grab myself something to drink 'and oow that's a big crash' i heard, i closed the fridge and walked back to the sofa. my heart just stopped. it was Dan's car involved in a big crash.

but not only Dan's car, the red Ferrari was involved too. at first i thought it was Charles, but when they showed it again i saw it was Seb.

Dan was trying to overtake Seb, but a little too eagerly. and he had crashed into him. they both did a few flip overs and i got sick at the sight of it. how was Dan doing? how was Seb doing?

'Dan are you oke?' i heard someone said over the board radio, no response. 'Daniel, confirm you oke?' still no response. well fuck. my eyes started to get teary.

'Seb, talk to us' i then heard the board radio off the Ferrari. also no response. 'Seb, say something' still no response.

there was a red flag, the race was stopped. the marshalls came to the crash site, they immediately went to work. two ambulances arrived, when they took Dan and Seb out off the car they were both unconscious. i cried, hard.

'mom' i said, picking up my phone. 'Aiv, we're coming to get you, we're going to the hospital' i heard her say, and i could hear she was worried and crying. i was happy that the race was in Australia, so we could go to the hospital. if i was anywhere else, and i couldn't get to Dan, i would go crazy!


'he needs to stay overnight, but only for observation. he can go home tomorrow' the doctor said. i sighed in relief and grabbed Louise's hand. she smiled at me, tears were shining in her eyes. Dan was fine, he just had a minor concussion and a lot of bruises and scratches, but he was going to be oke.

'can we see him?' my dad asked 'only two at the time oke?' he said, and we all nodded. 'you go first' Louise told my parents. they left, and we set ourselves down at the hard hospital stools. 'he's going to be oke Lou' i said, smiling. 'i thought he was dead Aiv' 'i know, i had the same feeling' 'i can't lose him, we need him' she cried.

i put my arms around her and hugged her 'i know Lou, i know. we both need him. but he is not gonna leave us. he is going to be fine ok?' i said while rubbing her back. she just hummed and continued crying.

'you coming?' Louise asked, my mom and dad had just come back from Dan. 'no, you just go by yourself, i will go when you're back' she nodded and walked away.

'he will be fine Aiv' my dad told me and hugged me. i know he was emotional, but he didn't cry. i know he wanted to, but he wanted to stay strong for me and my mom. 'it's ok dad, you can cry' i told him and looked at him. his eyes starting to get teary 'i thought i lost him' he told me 'i thought so too dad, but he is ok. he will be fine' i said. hugging my dad again, and then he started crying.

'Dan' i said when i walked into the room. 'Aiv' he smiled at me. 'what the hell were you thinking? you can't overtake in that corner, you know that' i said to him 'i know aiv, i really thought i could, i wanted to overtake him so badly' 'you told me you weren't gonna do that. that you weren't racing him off the track, now look where we are hu' i said, getting emotional about it.

'i know what i said to you Aiv, but when i saw him the other day, i just snapped. i almost attacked him, Nico had to stop me from running to him' i sighed 'i know Dan, but you can't put yourself in danger like that. you could be killed' 'but I'm not' he said 'that's not the point Dan. you did this to prove a point. that you hate him. and it almost cost you your life' 'but I'm still here Aiv. i will be oke' he said.

i was starting to get angry, he was so laconic about this all 'Dan, you could have DIED you hear me, died. how would i ever live without you hu? how could Lou and the baby ever lived without you? what was i suppose to tell this little man in here, why he never get the change to meet his uncle. Well, uncle Dan died while racing your dad, just to prove his point' i yelled at him.

'Aiv, relax. I'm so sorry. i really am, and i actually didn't think about this all. all i could feel was the anger i felt for him. I'm so sorry' he said, tears in his eyes. i grabbed his hand 'don't ever die on me ok? i can't do this without you' i said, rubbing away his tears 'i love you Dan' 'i love you too Aiv, I'm sorry' he said.


'i'm going home ok? I'm tired and hungry' i said to my mom and dad when i left the room. they nodded 'do we need to bring you?' 'no, you can stay here, I'll take a cab. i know you both want to stay' i said 'thanks hun' my mom said with a little smile, she was still at breaking point. 'love you mom and dad' i said and pressed a kiss to both their cheeks.


i yawned, i just called a cab but the next one available could come in ten minutes. i sat myself down at the bench outside the hospital and grabbed my phone.

i wanted to text Seb, asking how he was, if he was oke. but i couldn't do it. i should not care anymore.

'Avy' i heard, i turned around and saw Antti, Seb's trainer, walking towards me. 'hi Antti' i said, giving him a little smile. i stood up to give him a hug. 'wow. Aiv' he said, looking at my belly. 'well yeah, surprise i guess' i said uncomfortable 'is it Sebastian's?' he asked.

'what is mine?' i heard his voice. i froze. i looked in Antti's eyes, i was panicking. 'hey Seb, just go back ok, i will be with you in a couple minutes' Antti tried to get Seb away. 'who are you tal- Avy' i looked up in his beautiful blue eyes. the ones i fell in love with.

seeing him standing there, looking at me. i felt the butterflies coming to life again. 'hi Seb' i said, looking to the ground. i looked up again, he looked at my belly. his eyes got big 'i will leave you, it was good seeing you Aiv' Antti said, pressed a kiss to my cheek and then walked away.

'Aiv?' i looked up at Seb, i was shaking. i couldn't help it. i just looked at him, getting lost in his eyes, like i always did. 'sit down Aiv' he said, i just nodded and sat down on the bench. he sat next to me.

we just sat there, not talking. just both getting over the shock off seeing each other again 'are you ok?' i then asked him 'huh?' he looked at me 'i mean after the crash, you oke?' 'ow yes, just a couple bruises and headache. what about Daniel?' he asked 'A minor concussion' 'that's good to hear' he said with a little smile. if Seb only knew the real reason for the crash, he wouldn't be smiling anymore.

'Aiv?' Seb asked, i already knew what he was going to ask. i looked at the ground 'is it mine?' he asked, softly, i could barely hear him. i didn't look at him, to afraid to face him so i just nodded.

'damn Aiv, why didn't you tell me? how far are you? when did you found out?' he had so many questions. 'i'm five months now, i found out two days before we were going to Brazil, i was planning on telling you after the race. but then i heard you fucked another woman, so yeah, that's why i didn't tell you' i said to him, looking at him with an angry glance.

'i had the right to know Aiv' 'yes you had indeed, but that was before i found out about your little adventure' i told him, i saw my taxi approaching and stood up. 'don't do this Avy, don't take my kid away from me' he said, grabbing my hand and looking desperate. 'should have thought about that before fucking another woman' i said to him, yanking my hand back and opening the taxi door 'goodbye Sebastian' i said to him before closing the door.

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