Sebastian's point off view.

it was Tuesday, and i just arrived at the Bahrein circuit. i really had to talk to Daniel about Avy. i was still a bit angry with her for not telling me she is pregnant, with my baby.

i know Daniel didn't want to talk to me anymore after what happened, but i needed to know why she kept it from me.

i looked around the paddock, trying to find Daniel. i walked over to the Renault garage 'hey guys, did anyone of you seen Daniel?' i asked the engineers. 'yeah mate, he just started his track run' one-off them said 'thanks' i said and walked out again.

i walked back to my own garage, killing some time before trying to talk to Daniel. after two hours i walked out again and looked around 'Daniel' i said when i saw him walking.

he turned around, when he saw it was me who called his name he just turned back and kept on walking. 'Daniel, please wait' i said, starting to run.

'Dan, please. i need to talk to you' i said 'i've got nothing to say to you' he said to me without even looking at me. 'look man, i know you're pissed at me, but please talk to me' he stopped and looked at me 'pissed? i fucking hate you Vettel. do you have any idea what you did to Avy hu? how you broke her heart?' he yelled at me.

i looked around and saw people staring at us, including some cameras. 'not here man' i told him, he looked around and then nodded. we started walking towards the Renault garage and ended up in Daniel's driver's home.

'so, what do you want then?' Daniel asked me. 'i just need to know why she hasn't told me anything, why she won't talk to me' i said, making myself sound desperate. 'what do you think Seb. you broke her heart into a million pieces' 'but i want to fix things, i want to be a part of this baby's life'

'yeah, you should have thought about that before you fucked another woman' he said. 'that's what she said' i told him 'then why talking to me, i can't do anything about this Seb' 'because i want to take care of this baby, my fucking baby' i yelled.

'don't get fucking angry at me mate, I'm not the one who cheated. you should be angry at yourself, for fucking up so badly and losing an amazing girl. cause that's what she is man, my sis is fucking amazing. and you broke her, you broke her into a million pieces. and that's why i hate you. you made her so happy man, I've never seen her that happy. and you fucked it all up. I've never seen her so sad, so devastated. because of you, she loved you so so much, and she still does. i hate it to see her like that, crying all the time, being so sad' he said to me.

'oh believe me, i fucking hate myself man. i really do, i know what i lost. i lost my life after making a horrible mistake. i wish i could turn back time, but i can't. and i want to make it up so badly. she is my life man. i can't be without her' 'that's your own fucking fault. I'm done with this conversation, cause I'm so close to fucking smack you in the face' he said angrily.

'please talk to her, please help me make it up' i said, 'never, when she's ready to talk to you, she will. but in the main time, please leave her alone Seb. she can't deal with this right now'  'i understand that' i said and looked to the ground 'now please leave' he said, i nodded and walked out of his room.

Daniel's point off view.

after Sebastian left my room i sighed, i almost slapped the idiot. but he looked desperate, devastated. and above all, he looked very tired. like he hadn't slept for a year. maybe i could give Avy a call, tell her what happened?

i grabbed my phone from my pocket, looked up Avy's number and hit the call button.

'Dan? hey' she sounded happy 'hey sis' i said, 'why are you calling?' 'well, there is something i need to talk to you about' i start and sighed 'what's wrong? is it bad? are you oke?' she asked, and i could hear she was worrying. 'nothing wrong with me. but uh, well, uh, Seb showed up' i said, 'why?' 'he wanted to talk to me, about you. he is in pretty bad shape Aiv, he looked so devastated' 'well so am i, don't feel sorry for him Dan' 'he asked me to talk to you, he wants to be a part of the baby's life" i said. 'I know, he told me i don't have the right to keep it from him, and he really wants to be a dad to the baby. but i don't know if i can' she said, i heard she was getting emotional.

'Aiv, don't cry oke? I'm sorry i called you' 'no, it's oke Dan. everything is just so, so fucked up' she said. 'i know sis, i know' i sighed, i was feeling bad for her. and maybe also a little bit for Seb. i know how much he loved my sister, and how much he wanted to be a father. but i couldn't ignore the fact that he had hurt her so badly.

'maybe i should give him a call?' she asked 'yeah maybe' i told her 'but i can't just call him and tell him that i forgive him, because i don't' 'i know Aiv, let him work for that. you know how much i hate him for doing all this shit to you, but i also know how much you love each other, and maybe, if you forgive him at one point, i know you can be happy with him once more, and be a beautiful happy family together' i told her and smiled a little.

'i know Dan, and i really want to be a family with him, i really do. but he has to know that it takes time for me to forgive him and to trust him again' 'he knows that, he knows he fucked up, badly. and he told me he wants to do everything to make it right again. and i know i told you before that you should let it go, but i changed my mind. you were so happy with him, and deep in my heart i know he can make you happy again' i said.

'you are right Dan. maybe i should give him that chance, maybe he can make me happy again, and he can be a dad to our little boy' 'i know he would be the best dad ever' 'and so will you Dan. i can't wait to meet my little niece you know' i smiled, 'you would be the best aunt and mom ever Aiv, another four months to wait' 'pff, i can't wait anymore, nine months are too long' she laughed, and i loved to hear her like that.

'tell me about it, all the hormones. Lou is going crazy sometimes. wakes me up in the middle of the night because she wants a grilled cheese with pickles' i laughed, she start laughing even harder 'poor you' she said. 'yes, poor me' i said. 'i have to go Dan, i got an appointment at the gynecologist' 'it's oke sis, sent me some ultrasounds oke? love to see my little nephew' 'will do that, bye Dan. I will call you before the race ok? love you' 'that's ok, love you Aiv. bye' i hang up and smiled. hopefully my sister would be happy again soon.


'Seb?' i walked towards him, he turned around and looked at me 'i know i told you that i wouldn't. but i talked to my sister for you' i said 'ok, and?' he asked, his voice sounded shaky 'and, i might have told her to give you a call' 'but Dan. why? i know how you think about me' 'yeah, but i also know how much you love each other, and how much you make each other happy. i hated it to see her like that, so hurt. and to be honest mate, you don't look very good yourself' i said, laying a hand on his shoulder 'thanks Dan, that means so much to me' 'just don't make me regret this decision oke?' he shook his head. 'well, see you later than' i said and walked away with a little smile on my face.

Avy's point off view.

with a little smile on my face i watched the podium ceremony. Seb just won the Bahrein race. and to be honest, i was proud off him.

congratulations Seb!

Thanks Aiv, means a lot 😘

i put my phone away, after talking to Dan, my mind was all over the place. i knew Dan was right. at some point we really could be a family again. but Seb had to do a great job to earn my trust again. it's not like i would forgive him instantly. no, he had to work for it.

'everything is going to be oke little man' i said, putting my hand on my belly. four months to go, i hoped things between me and Seb would be different then.

i opened Instagram and looked up Seb's page. i hit the follow button.

@avyricciardo started following @vettelofficial

@vettelofficial started following @avyricciardo

@avyricciardo send @vettelofficial a photo

i picked up my phone again when it started buzzing.

jeeez Aiv.


why would you do that? Everyone can see that?

i've only send it to you!


wait, you've got a sauna?

yess, came with the new house.

you got a new house?

Christmas gift from Dan, maybe one day i could show you around. and maybe we can use the sauna 🤫😏

don't do this Aiv. I'm already sexually frustrated. only imagining you naked makes me hard 🍆

well, i didn't want to know that. but have fun with your little friend. going back to the sauna, naked. Byaa 👋

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