group chat: f1 babesDilara, Avy, Giada, Louise, Minttu, Egle

Giada: Avy? What's going on between you and Seb?

Dilara: I was wondering the same thing.

Minttu: me too, loved the photo btw 😍

Hi girls, yeah. we Uhm, we are back together. he showed up at my house yesterday, I was totally surprised. we talked a little, it all felt so familiar, and the butterflies just came back to life.
We decided to grab some dinner, when I was changed and got back down he told me how stunning I looked. Before I knew he was standing before me, he asked if he could touch my belly, and when he did, it felt like it was complete, I felt complete again. He talked to the baby, he told him that Daddy was here, and he was happy he was finally there.

The only thing I could do was cry haha. We kissed after that, first it was just an innocent kiss, until my body took over, and we had sex in the sauna 🤫

After that, we ordered some food, lay on the couch, all he could do was hold my belly and talk to it. He told him that he loved him and that he would be always there for us.

So ya, we're back together.

Louise: didn't see that coming to be honest.

Giada: me neither.

Minttu: are you really sure about this?

No need to worry babes. we talked about everything, he knows that I forgave him, but that I haven't forgotten it.

But like I already told him, I want him to be a part off this pregnancy, it is his baby after all.

And we love each other, and that's all that matters, right?

Yes, love is the most important thing ❤

if you really are happy, then I am too ❤

Be happy with him ❤

Happy you worked things out ❤


'hi there' i said soft when Seb woke up next to me, 'hi schatze' he said and wrapped his arms around me 'i missed this' he said, pressing a kiss to my neck 'me too' i answered and smiled at him.

'i got one question tough' i began 'shoot' he said 'well, are we going to marry again?' i asked while playing with his hair. he froze, 'what's wrong?' I looked at him 'don't get mad at me please' he said, and it made me nervous 'i never signed the papers' he told me 'what? why?' 'because I knew that we would come back together again. and I was right' 'Seb' i sighed 'are you mad?' he asked me, and I could see he was scared for my answer.

'no I'm not mad, only surprised. I really thought we got divorced' 'i couldn't sign them, I stared at the papers for like two hours, and I was really close to signing them, really. but i couldn't. and I'm glad I didn't' 'to be honest, I'm glad too. so, we are still married then?' I asked with a smile on my face, he nodded and kissed me.


'shall we visit my parents?' I asked when we both got showered and dressed 'yeah, I would like that' he said and smiled at me.

we stepped inside my Navy Blue Audi A6 Avant and I started the car. 'nice car' Seb said and looked at me. 'another present from Dan, came with the house' i said and stepped on the gas. 'he must love you very much' 'he does yeah' i said with a smile, my brother meant everything to me. even more than Seb does or ever will do.

'Avy, what a surprise' my mom said when we walked into the garden 'and Sebastian? Hello' she gave us both a hug and looked at me, I know she was dying to know how this all unfolded. so Seb and I sat ourselves down at the lounge area while my mom went inside the house for drinks.

'she will bomb you with questions I think' 'i can handle them' Seb answered and put his arm around my shoulder and pressed a kiss on my temple which made me smile.

my mom came back with a tray, which had three cups off coffee on them and some homemade cake. 'Thanks, mom' i said when she put the coffee in front of me.

'so, how's everything?' she asked when she sat herself down. 'everything is great, the baby is doing well. I'm feeling good' i said and smiled at her. 'that's good to hear'

'mom, just asked ok?' I said, and laughed 'what?' she said 'now i know you've been dying to ask. just do it' i said. 'ok, how are things between you? The last time we spoke, Seb was out of the picture, now he is here and you two look like some teens in love' she said and grabbed her coffee cup from the table, looking at me, then to Seb and back to me and gave me a little smile.

we told her everything, from seeing each other in the hospital where Seb found out I was pregnant, till the messages and calls the last couple of weeks and then he just surprised me at home the other day.

'well, I'm glad you two worked it out. you look so much happier when you are with him Aiv' my mom said and gave me a warm smile.

'i'm happy he's around now, he knows I never stopped loving him, and he knows that I haven't forgotten what has happened, but I forgave him. I'm happy he is here to go through this pregnancy with me, and that we can be a family when the little boy is born' i said, I felt Seb giving me a little squeeze in my shoulder, I looked at him and smiled.

'i'm happy you guys are happy. the baby deserves a loving family. and you two will make wonderful parents. together you can do this' my mom said. 'thanks mom'


'soo?' i started when we were back at my home, Seb looked at me, with a curious gaze in his eyes. I sat next to him on the couch, facing him. 'we have to talk' i began, 'about what?' Seb asked, his voice a little trembly.

'well, if we really gonna do this, be a family again. we need to sort out where we are gonna live' i said, and he sighed in relief 'to be honest, I thought about it' Seb said.

'and I was thinking, when we have the races in Europe, we can stay at the house in Switzerland, and when we have the races outside of Europe, we can stay here, in Australia? so that my parents can visit when we are in Switzerland, and yours can visit when we are here' he said.

'that is a pretty good idea, but I want to be here, in Australia when the baby is born' 'i get that, when is the due date?' 'sixteenth of August' 'let me see if there's a race that weekend' he grabbed his phone and searched for a little while.

'the second of august we have Hungary and then I'm off till the end off the month. so that's quite handy' 'yeah, so you can spend some time with the baby too before it's back to racing' he just nodded and gave me a smile, his gaze changed when he looked at me

'what's wrong?' I asked and looked back at him. 'nothing, I'm just happy that I'm here, with you. and to be honest, I think everything is going to be fine between us, like your mom said, we will be wonderful parents. I would do my best to be the best dad ever. Even though I'm not home most of the year, I will make this work, you and me. I love you Aiv, more than everything in this entire world. never forget that okay?' I smiled at him, tears in my eyes. unable to say anything so I just nodded. I loved this man so much. I couldn't live without him!

Hey lieve lezers,
Weer even een aantal hoofdstukjes!
Wat een rare wereld leven we in op t moment hu?

Hopelijk zijn jullie allemaal nog gezond en jullie familie ook!

Stay safe everyone ❤❤

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  • Winterdawn

    I'm so happy dat je geupdate hebt. Like, yaay:)
    Ik ben in ieder geval al 2 weken thuis en gezond, hopelijk mag dat ook zo blijven. Hoe is het bij jou?

    1 week geleden
    • VETTEL_5

      Hehe, zal de rest ook snel updaten 😁
      Fijn dat t goed gaat! Bij mij gaat t prima, ook al 2 weken thuis. alleen m'n oom ligt met t virus in t ziekenhuis, maar hij is niet in levensgevaar en niet aan de beademing 😊

      1 week geleden
    • Winterdawn

      Pfoeh, gelukkig maar. Ik denk dat we ook wel langer thuis zitten dan die 6 april hoor, zelfs school/uni houdt er bij ons al rekening mee.

      1 week geleden
    • VETTEL_5

      Ja, gaat met de dag beter en hopelijk mag ie volgende week naar huis om daar uit te zieken en weer aan te sterken 🤞

      Sowieso tot 1 juni nu nergens heen enzo. Wij zouden in mei een weekendje weggaan met de familie, gaat ook niet door denk. Ik ben op dit moment zelf nog aan t werk, maar denk dat ik volgende week maar even een aantal dagen vakantie opvraag.

      1 week geleden
    • VampireMouse

      ow jeetje heftig voor je oom! Heel veel beterschap!
      Ik heb gisteren mijn verjaardag gevierd met alleen mn vriend, haha.
      Mijn moeder en ik zijn beide risico groep dus ik zit ook al 2 weken binnen.
      Ik kan gelukkig wel thuis werken en de planning is dat dat tot 1 juni wel gaat duren, dus nog ff op de tanden bijten en hopelijk kan ik veel schrijven ^^

      Dankjewel voor het uploaden van je leuke verhaal!
      Mag ik je 1 tip geven, het valt mij op dat je bijna niet werkt met hoofdletters aan het begin van een zin:)

      1 week geleden
    • VampireMouse

      En je hebt alweer 104 kudo's! <3 Ik probeer je er elke dag 1 te geven!

      1 week geleden
    • VETTEL_5

      Dankjewel! 🥰
      Mijn moeder valt ook in de risico groep, gelukkig zijn er hier nog 'maar' 5 besmettingen..
      Maar heb m'n vakantie vervroegd naar morgen, vandaag overlegd met de baas en die zegt dat het beter is als ik thuisblijf. Dus morgen even een shitload aan boodschappen doen zodat we 2 weken kunnen eten haha.

      Ik ben op het moment bezig om m'n andere Seb story naar t Nederlands te vertalen, dus hoop die ook snel op Q te kunnen zetten.
      En ik ga even naar de hoofdstukken kijken ivm met de hoofdletters. Thanks!

      En thanks voor de kudo's 😘

      1 week geleden
    • VampireMouse

      Succes de komende twee weken ❤️ (en daarna) en ben onwijs benieuwd naar je nieuwe Seb verhaal ❤️😍

      1 week geleden

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