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louisericciardo: can't wait to meet you little one 👶❤

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danielricciardo: MY WIFE EVERYONE 😍🤤❤
avyricciardo: Just behave brother, damn 🤨😂
danielricciardo: @avyricciardo go change your name, you're no longer a Ricciardo 🤔😘
avyricciardo: 🤫 Always will be a Ricciardo btw 😘

avyricciardo: You look stunning, can't wait to meet the little one ❤
mintturaikkonen: You are beautiful ❤
the_crochet_girl: You look breathtaking 😍

vettelofficial: @danielricciardo Be proud of her man. You two are amazing ❤
danielricciardo: I'm super proud of her. that a human body can do something like this, weird hu? 🤔
vettelofficial: Tell me something mate, still find it fascinating.

vettelfans: Omygod, Seb and Dan are back on speaking terms 😍
ricciardofans: And Dan told Avy to change her name. Seb and Avy back together?
hulkenbergfans: I hope so, maybe we get some new group photos 😍
vettelfans: I heard Avy is also pregnant. Everyone knows if it's true? 🤔
user4: Her insta is on private. So know one can see her page. She only got about 200 followers. Deleted everyone except people she really knows.
ricciardofans: That's because she and Seb got divorced. She even unfollowed him.
vettelfans: She and Seb started following each other again. So things are going the right way i guess.
le_clercfans: I really hope so, they make a cute couple ❤

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