Louise's point of view.

On my way home. Time for some well deserved time off with my wife!
Love you xxx

Well, finally. See you soon babe!
Love you ❤

I dropped my phone on the couch and got up to make myself a cup of tea. I walked over to the kitchen to put the kettle on. I stared out of the window when I felt a sharp pain go through my belly. 'oooff' I grabbed it and sighed. 'Nothing to worry about' i said to myself.

I grabbed a cup from the cabinet, filled it with the boiling water en put a teabag in it. Again the pain and then I felt my legs getting warm. I looked down and saw my pants were wet. My eyes got big, not now. Not fucking now while Dan wasn't here, and he wouldn't be home for the next 20 hours.

I started to panic, rushed to the living room and picked up my phone. I dialed Dan's number, but of course, his phone was out. He would be in the air by now, for 19 hours. I searched for Avy's number. She picked up immediately.

'Aiv? help' i yelled to her. 'Lou? What's wrong?' 'I'm in labor' i said. 'Oh fuck. I'm on my way' she said and ended the call, I unlocked the door for her. And went back to the couch, I lay myself down and took in a big breath.

'Lou, I'm here' I heard Avy say after twenty minutes 'Oh thank God' I said, and puffed away another contraction 'How are you? How much time in between the contractions?' She asked and sat herself down to me 'Very long, so nothing to worry about' I smiled at her. But I was scared, very scared. A tear rolled down my cheek.

'Hey hey, you are doing great' Avy told me and rubbed my back 'I don't want to do this without Dan' I cried out. 'He's on his way Lou' 'Yeah, he's on a fucking plane. In the air for another 18 hours. He will fucking miss the birth of his first daughter' I yelled. 'You will be fine Lou. I'm here. Do you want to go to the hospital already?' She asked.

'Sorry for yelling. I'm just scared and in pain' I told Avy 'I know that, it's okay, really. But the hospital?' I felt another contraction building up, I just nodded, screamed a little and then puffed the contraction away. 'My bag and the maxi-Cosi are by the door' I told her, she nodded, got back up and walked over to the door.


'Holy shit. It fucking hurts' I yelled, I already was in labor for seven hours and I was tired, so tired 'I can't do this Aiv. I really can't' I told her. I was grateful that she was here. My parents went back home, it was almost 4 AM and she was still here, she grabbed my hand and looked at me 'I know you can do this okay? you're stronger than you think' she told me and squeezed my hand.

'I want Dan here with me' I cried. I couldn't do this without him. 'Just a little longer, he will be here before you know. And the doctor said that the baby won't come any time soon. He will be on time babe' She told me 'Try to get some sleep' 'How am I supposed to sleep when I got contractions every god damn thirty minutes' I yelled, and immediately felt sorry 'Just try, I'm going to get some tea okay, I've got my phone with me. I will try to call Dan, maybe his phone is on now. try to sleep' She said and gave me a little encouraging smile before she left the room. I sighed, I hope Dan had his phone on so Avy could talk to him.


Avy's point of view.

Another seven hours passed, they put an extra bed next to the one of Lou so I could have some sleep too. Considering I was also nine months pregnant I loved the extra sleep.

I was awakened by another soft scream and looked up. 'Morning' I said and yawned before getting up and walking over to Lou. 'How far are you?' I asked her. 'Almost fully dilated. It could happen any mo- fuucck' She yelled and puffed trough her contraction 'They are so much worse now' She said after and looked at me 'Not trying to scare you' She said and I started laughing 'Yeah well. I am a little' I confessed.

'Five hours until his plane lands Lou, keep her in for that long' I said jokingly, she laughed a little and put her phone away 'I hope I can, and she will wait for her dad to be here' She smiled, but I saw the fear in her eyes. She really wanted Dan here with her.


After four and a half hours my phone started buzzing. I looked at the screen Daniel it said 'It's him' I said to Lou who then smiled widely.

'Aiv, what's wrong? You called me like eight times. You knew I was in the air right?' He said. 'yeah, I knew, but hoped you get your phone back on. But did you land?' 'Yeah, sooner than expected, waiting for my luggage now' 'When you got your luggage, you have to come to the hospital asap' I told him 'hospital? What's wrong?' I shook my head, laughing 'Why do you think Dan? Your wife is in labor' I said, I heard him gasping for air. 'Well fuck' he said.

'We will be there soon' he said 'We?' I asked, but he already hang up on me. I walked back into the room where I saw that Lou was really having a hard time. 'He's on his way' I told her, she sighed in relief and started crying. 'Thanks, Aiv, for everything. I couldn't have done this without you' she told me with teary eyes, what made me cry too 'Look at us, two pregnant wives, crying' she said and we both started laughing. 'Aauw' Lou said.


'I can't hold her anymore Aiv. how much longer?' she asked, and then puffed through another contraction. I looked up at the clock, I called him an hour ago, the airport was an hour and a half from the hospital 'A half-hour Lou' 'I don't think he will make it' she said, and then screamed when she had another contraction. They came really fast now. I pressed the button an within two minutes the room was full off people.

They examined her and told her she was fully dilated and ready to push. She looked at me with fear in her eyes. I grabbed her hand 'You can do this Lou. Make him proud oke' I told her and she nodded 'At the next contraction. Push' the midwife said and Lou nodded 'Push, push, push. Yeah, good job. Just wait till another contraction' Lou laid her head back into the cushion and looked at me.

'You are doing great' I told her and put my hand on her head and smiled at her. 'Aaaaaaah' She screamed and pushed again. 'Great job Louise. Just two or three pushes and she will be here' the midwife said. 'NOO' Lou screamed and looked at me in terror. 'I want Dan' she cried 'He will be here soon honey, soon' I said, and I hoped I was right. She really needed my brother with her. And to be honest, me too.

'Push Louise, push' Lou squeezed my hand so hard that I thought it was going to break, but I didn't care, I had to be here for her. 'I see her head' and at that moment the door opened, I looked up and saw my brother storming in, he walked to the other side of Louise who was now full of pain 'I'm here babe, I'm here' he said and pressed a kiss to her head. I wanted to let go of Lou 'Stay' she asked softly, I nodded and looked at my brother.

'One more big push and she will be here Louise' she nodded, and then pushed for her life 'Fuuuuuck' she screamed and then we heard the crying of a baby. My eyes instantly filled with tears when I let go of Lou's hand. 'Happy birthday little girl' The midwife said an laid the little girl on top of Lou.

I stepped back and looked at the sight before me. My brother was kissing Lou's cheek a couple of times while crying, Lou looked up to him, pressed a kiss at his lips before looking at their little girl again. I sobbed softly and smiled. This was a beautiful sight to see. I've never seen my brother this happy.

Louise looked over at me 'Come here you' she said, I rubbed away my tears, but it didn't help. New tears were already falling down again. I walked over to the bed again. 'Thank you, I couldn't have done it without you' Lou said and looked at me with tears in her eyes 'It was all you, power woman' I said and pressed a kiss to her cheek and then looked at Dan, he walked over to me and pulled me into a tight hug 'Thank you sis, thanks for being there for her. Thanks for everything, I love you' he said, I looked up in his teary eyes. I rubbed away the tear that fell down. 'Everything for you two, you know that right. I love you too' I said and kissed him on the cheek and then hugged him again. My brother became a dad. And I was super proud off him.

'Go outside the room. There's a little surprise' He told me, I looked at him with a surprised gaze. 'Just go' he said and pushed me towards the door. I opened it and walked out 'Aiv' I heard. I looked up and saw Seb walking over to me. I don't know why I did it but I started to cry, hard.

'Hey, shhh. What's wrong?' He asked after pulling me into a hug 'I don't know, everything I think. I'm tired, emotional and scared' I said, pressing him tighter against me. 'You did great Aiv' He said and looked at me, then kissed me. 'I love you' he said 'i love you to Seb'


'Come back in guys' Daniel said when he opened the door. Seb stood up, he offered me his hand which I took and we walked inside the room. The little girl was now dressed and happily asleep at Lou's chest.

She looked at me when we walked in 'Dan, can you take her?' She asked my brother. Softly, like she was a porcelain doll, Dan picked her up and looked at her. I got teary again at the sight.

'Come here' Louise said. I walked towards her. 'Give me a hug' she said. I slapped my arms around her neck. 'I'm so proud of you Lou, I knew you could do it' 'Not without your help Aiv. You helped me through this. Thank you' I smiled at her, and then let go of her. Seb then hugged her and congratulated her.

'You want to hold her?' Dan asked, I looked at him and nodded. He laid the little girl in my arms and a warm feeling spread through my whole body. I would do anything for this little girl.

'You guys want to know her name?' Lou said, I looked up 'Yes' i said.

'Her name is Sienna Avy Ricciardo' Dan said. My mouth dropped to the floor. They named their daughter after me. 'ow guys' I said with tears in my eyes, looking at the little girl in my arms. 'Hi Sienna, your auntie already loves you so much' I said, pressing a soft kiss to her head.

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