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louisericciardo: me and Avy cheering on their dads while they are eating each other...

nine days apart between the two of them, and they already love each other so much, as you can see 😜😍

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hulkhulkenberg: uncle Nico can't wait to see them again 😍
avyvettel: they missed you too ❤
hulkhulkenberg: 'i've missed you to Nico' 🙄
avyvettel: you know I've missed you ❤

mintturaikkonen: coming to see you soon babes ❤
kimimatiasraikkonen: I'm coming with, Levi needs to see his godparents as much as he can ❤
raikkonenfans: omygod. Minttu and Kimi are Levi's godparents? my life is complete 😍

danielricciardo: well look at them @vettelofficial. we've made some beautiful babies mate 💙😍😜
vettelofficial: yes we did man 🤜🤛
louisericciardo: sorry to spoil the fun boys, but who did all the work? ME and AVY 🖕

ricciardofans: those are some beautiful babies 😍
vettelfans: yeah well, have you seen their parents? 😍
ricciardofans: they will be so pretty when they grow up 😍
vettelfans: they are so blessed to have so many people around who love them. I mean, look at this group of friends, I'm sure they would all die for those two little babies 😍😍
maxverstappen1: we will indeed ❤
charles_leclerc: everything for those two 💙💖
the_crochet_girl: they will live a beautiful life ❤
dilarasanlik: and they are blessed with amazing parents 😍❤

avyvettel: ☝Aaah you guys, you've made me cry, I love you 😍😭
louisericciardo: she was already crying about Seb winning in Monza 😅
But yeah, you guys are indeed amazing. love youuuu ❤

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  • Winterdawn

    :)they're sooo cute on that picture XD

    1 jaar geleden

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