'Let's go and pick up your dad' I said while putting Levi in his car seat. Seb was coming home today after his race at Monza. Now he had a week off, and I was looking forward to it.

When we arrived at the airport it was very crowded, even at 10 pm. I grabbed Levi out of his car seat and laid him in the stroller. I walked inside the airport and looked at the signs, I didn't know where I had to be. I looked up Seb's flight and started to walk to the right place.

when I got to the right spot, it was very busy. everywhere I saw red Ferrari and yellow Renault polos. So everyone knows that Seb and Dan will be landing now. I sighed and sat down on a bench. My phone started buzzing and I looked at it.

Are you at the airport?

Yep! And it's very crowded over here!

Yeah, word came out Seb and Dan would arrive today.
But.. Do you mind taking Dan and dropping him off here?

Of course, no problem babe. See you soon! If I ever get them out of here 😐

Good luck haha 😘

After what felt like hours, the doors finally opened and everybody started to scream 'Vettel, Vettel, Vettel' 'Ricciardo, Ricciardo, Ricciardo' they yelled. A smile came across my face while hearing them scream Seb and Dan's name.

I looked to Levi, he was waking up at the sound he heard. And there it was, he started to cry, I grabbed him out of the stroller and stood up, shushing him. But he wouldn't calm down 'Oh I know little man, but they all shout for your dad and uncle' I said to him.

I looked over to the crowd, and saw a little spot at the end on the left. I laid Levi back in his stroller, giving him his pacifier and favorite stuffed animal and walked over to the spot.

The screaming and shouting became less hard and I smiled while looking at Seb and Dan, they both waved a couple of times, signing fan merchandise and taking selfies with the fans.

'Can I ask you something?' I looked next to me, a girl was looking at me with a little smile 'Of course' I said 'Aren't you Avy? Sebastian's wife?' She asked 'yeah, I am' I answered and smiled at her 'Can I have a picture with you?' I looked surprised 'With me? Yeah, sure' I said, she smiled and we took a selfie 'Thanks' she said with a huge smile on her face.

'Seb here' the girl next to me said, I looked up and saw Seb now standing a few meters away from me. I grabbed Levi out of his stroller. When I looked back Seb was now standing in front of the girl next to me 'Thank you Sebastian' she said after a selfie and then he looked at me 'Please Mr. Vettel, can I take a photo of you two, he is your biggest fan' I said, Seb started laughing and I handed Levi to him.

'There is my biggest fan' I heard Dan saying, he walked over to Seb and gave Levi a kiss on his cheek. 'Stand next to him Dan, I need to take a photo of this' I said while grabbing my phone out of my bag. 'Now, smile' I looked at the photo, and it was perfect. My three favorite men.

'Let's get you two home hu?' I asked them when most of the fans were finally gone. 'Yes please' Dan said and I smiled at him, he looked exhausting. The two grabbed their suitcases and followed me back to the car.


'Thanks, sis' Dan said and gave my cheek one last kiss before stepping out of the car. I waited until he was inside and then took off again, back to our home. I looked over at Seb, his head was laying against the window and he was sleeping, I smiled and put my hand on his knee.

'Hey liebe, we are home' I said and pressed a soft kiss against his temple, his eyes slowly opened and he looked at me, he gave me a little smile and yawned. 'Time to get you to bed' I said and he nodded,I got out of the car, grabbed Levi out of his car seat and walked to the house.

'Is he sleeping?' Seb asked when I walked into the bedroom 'Fed and asleep' I said and looked at the alarm clock, 00:53. I yawned and walked into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, removed my mascara and then I stepped into the bed.

'I'm glad you're back' I said and pressed a kiss to his cheek 'Yeah me too' he said and smiled 'Goodnight Seb' I said and turned over to lay on my left side 'Goodnight love' Seb said, and then turned the light off, he pressed himself to my back and wrapped his arms around me 'Ich liebe dich' he said and pressed a kiss to my shoulder 'Love you' I told him and soon we both fell asleep.


'Good morning' I said when Seb walked into the kitchen 'Hi, what is all this?' he asked and pointed to the table 'Well, I thought you deserved a nice breakfast' I told him and 'But, pancakes? Don't let Antti know' he said and laughed before sitting down on a chair. 'I won't tell him' I laughed 'Coffee?' Seb nodded and I poured coffee in two cups. 'Where is Levi?' he asked when I sat down. 'He fell asleep after his bottle, so I lay him back in bed'

'So, I have a little surprise for you' I said and grabbed my coffee mug 'Ow, do tell' 'It's a surprise Seb, I'm not telling you' I said and chuckled 'Aiv please' he looked at me with his big blue baby eyes 'Won't help Mr. Vettel' he pouted his lip and stood up 'And if I persuade you hu?' he grabbed the mug out of my hand and grabbed both my hands 'Now, get up' he said, I smiled and got off my chair.

He looked at me, his eyes full of love. I smiled at him and pressed my hand against his cheek, stroking my thumb over it. 'Every day I fall a little bit more in love with you Aiv' he said to me and kissed my forehead then both my cheeks before kissing my lips. I smiled against his lips and then kissed him back.

'Still not telling?' he asked when we both stepped away for some air 'Nein, jetzt halt die Klappe und küss mich' I told him in my best German, he looked surprised and then gave me a grin 'Ow I will' he said and kissed me again, this time harder and full of lust. While kissing, not wanting to let go we stumbled to the couch. I pushed him down at the couch and sat down on his lap.

'Seb' I moaned when he began kissing my neck. I pressed my hips harder down and I could feel he was already hard. I smiled at him and he looked back. 'Ich werde dich so hart ficken' he said, 'I know a little German Seb, this I don't understand' I told him while I took his shirt off 'I'm not telling you, I let you feel it' he said. 'Ow okay' I said and he kissed me again.

'Scheibe' Seb yelled when the doorbell rang. 'Fucking hell, great fucking timing' he pushed me away from him and I giggled 'It's not funny Aiv. Now look at me' he said and pointed at his dick, still very hard, but still tucked away in his sweatpants. I giggled again while putting my shirt back on.

'You open the door, I can't open it like this' he said and I nodded, still laughing at him 'Stop laughing' he said and now smiled a bit 'Well, it's kinda funny' I said and pressed a kiss to his cheek 'We will finish this tonight' he whispered in my ear, I just nodded and walked to the door.

'Surprise' I said and walked back to the living room. Seb was now, thankfully, completely dressed again. I immediately looked down and saw that his hard one was also gone. He ran his hand through his hair and looked my way. His eyes got wide when he saw who was standing next to me 'Mama, Papa?' he asked and looked confused but he stood up and walked towards us. 'Hi Seb' Heike said and hugged her son tightly.

After Seb also hugged Norbert he looked at me 'This was the surprise?' he asked me and I just nodded with a smile on my face 'I thought you would love it if they came over for the week and then coming with you to Singapore' I said to him 'I love it indeed, danke schatze' he said and gave me a kiss.

'I will grab him' I said when we heard Levi crying 'I'm coming with you' Heike said, together we walked to Levi's bedroom. 'Hi little man. Opa und Oma are here' I said and smiled at him 'You wanna grab him?' I asked Heike and she nodded and walked towards the crib 'Hi Levi' she said and grabbed him 'I've missed you little man' she said and kissed his little cheek. 'He needs a new diaper' 'I will do it, you go back to Seb and Norbert' she said to me and gave me a little smile.

'Where is Levi?' Seb asked when I came back to the living room 'Your mom is giving him a new diaper. Do you want coffee or something?' I asked them and they both nodded, I walked over to the kitchen and put on the kettle. 'Do you need help?' I heard Heike asking me, she walks towards me, no Levi in her arms 'I gave him to Norbert' she said 'Aha, if you can grab four mugs, thanks' I told her, she nodded and grabbed the mugs.

'So, how are things between you guys?' she asked me and looked at me 'We are doing good. He knows I still have a hard time forgetting what he has done, but I did forgive him' 'That's great to hear. I was really mad with him when he told me' 'He told you? I didn't know that' 'Well, he called me after his crash with your brother. I asked him what happened, he just started crying, told me everything. I yelled at him, asking him how he could to that to you. He then told me he saw you at the hospital and that you were pregnant. And to be honest, I was a bit disappointed that you didn't tell him or us' she said, I looked to the floor, feeling ashamed 'I'm sorry Heike, but I truly didn't think about it. I had so much on my mind the entire time' I said and sighed.

She walked over towards me and grabbed my hands 'I know that darling, and I'm not mad at you or anything. I'm just glad everything worked out in the end and that we could meet our grandson' she told me, I looked up to her, tears in my eyes 'I'm sorry' I said softly 'Come here' she said and pulled me in for a hug.


'What about a little hike around town?' I asked the Vettel family when we had lunch in the garden 'I would like that' Norbert said and got up 'Let me clean up the table and then we can go' I told them 'We do that' Seb said and also stood up and together with his dad they cleaned the table.

'You want to walk with him?' I asked Norbert and looked at him 'Yeah sure' he said with a big smile and I handed him the stroller with Levi in it. After I locked the door we walked away, Seb and I were walking behind Heike and Norbert, he smiled at me and grabbed my hand. 'Love you' he said softly and gave my hand a little squeeze 'Love you' I whispered back and gave him a big smile.


'Well well, look at this. The whole Vettel family' I heard someone say behind me, I turned around and saw Dan and Louise standing there. Dan behind the stroller, and I still couldn't get used to that sight 'Hi' I said and let go of Seb's hand to both give them a hug. The rest did the same.

'What about grabbing dinner together tonight? Maybe we can invite mom and dad too?' I asked and looked at Dan 'What about a barbie at our place?' he asked 'That would be even better' 'Wait, what's a barbie?' Seb asked me 'A barbecue' I explained 'Aah. That would be great, are you in mom and dad?' he asked them and they both nodded 'Great, I will call mom and dad' Dan said.

'Well, see you later then. We go home to pick up the car, do we need to get anything?' Seb asked 'Can you pick up some grog and some poo tickets? We're out' Dan told Seb and I giggled when I saw Seb's face 'Mate, I don't know what you're talking about' Seb said and laughed 'But I do. See you later' I said and grabbed Seb's hand again.

'Here is some grog' I said to Seb and held up a bottle of wine and some beers 'Now i get it' he said and I laid it in the shopping kart 'Now some poo tickets' he said, and I laughed at him 'What now?' he said with an amusing smile on his face 'Nothing, just the way you pronounce it, sounded funny' I said 'Yeah well, I'm still german' he told me and walked away, I shook my head, laughing, and then followed him.

'Here are some poo tickets' I said and grabbed a 24-pack of toilet paper 'Seriously? That's toilet paper, how can you guys call it poo tickets?' he asked and started laughing 'I didn't invent it mate' I told him 'Yeah yeah, let's go' he said, and we walked back to the car were Norbert and Heike waited with Levi.

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