Acacia had to take a deep breath once the ship had sailed out of the Island’s docks, leaving the young group of aspirant knights alone in their anxiety for the upcoming exam. The General’s daughter was standing on the railing, eyes fixated on her home.

Was she still going to call it her home if she had run away from her parental house?

Yes, she decided, she would. It wasn’t that particular building that she called “home”; it was the entire Island. And she wouldn’t disappoint her home with failing this exam.

‘Ace, what’s the deal with that sword?’ Avondir asked as he stood next to her, looking at Veleno hanging on the girl’s belt. Acacia shrugged. ‘Family thing. It was my grandfather’s, but Dad inherited it. Guess he wants me to use it too.’

She took a deep breath. ‘I don’t get it; why, if he doesn’t want me at the Academy, would he give me Veleno? Why didn’t he give it to Altair, since he clearly is the better fit for it-’

‘How did that whole thing with Altair and his friends end, by the way?’ Avondir frowned as his friend shook her head. ‘You have no idea?’

‘I haven’t seen him in two weeks, Avon,’ Ace mumbled, ‘how do you expect me to know what Al’s doing if I haven’t seen him?’

Avondir shrugged. ‘I don’t know, maybe you’d heard something about it?’

‘Well, I haven’t!’ Acacia turned away from him, folding her arms over her chest. ‘I’d better get some rest,’ she mumbled, walking away before Avon even had the chance to say anything. The young man took a deep breath, before staring of into the horizon again, his mind in conflict.

‘Welcome to the Island of the Crescent Moon, everyone!’ The young Chieftess of the strangely shaped Island greeted the group aspirant knights with a bright grin on her face. ‘My name’s Sharpeye, I’m your General’s cousin, and I’ll be guiding you through your tests today!’

Acacia rolled her eyes as she hid behind Avon’s tall frame to escape from her enthusiastic, curious family member. Sure, Sharpeye was a great person – she just didn’t want to handle with all that at the moment.

‘You’ll each follow one of my guards, who will bring you to an entrance to the caves where you will be examined,’ the woman continued, smiling brightly at the group. ‘Don’t worry, the caves are stable, and we will be close. You should relax, and after your done, we’ll get you guys something to eat to celebrate before you return to the Island as full-fledged knights of the Silver Rose!’

‘That was a mouth-full,’ Avondir joked to his friend, gently nudging her. However, Ace didn’t respond as she listened to the speech.

‘Are you ready?’ Sharpeye looked into the group, staring at them all individually. However, when her eyes landed on Ace, her look softened. ‘I guess you are. Now, let’s go! I wish you all the best of luck!’

Excitedly, but nervously, the group of aspirant knights each followed a guard of the Island of the Crescent Moon, making their way towards the caves where their moment of truth would be held.

Avondir grinned, anxiety filling his mind. ‘Hey, good luck,’ he told Acacia, who nodded. ‘You… you too, Avon. Hopefully we’ll both show them we can do this, and graduate.’

‘I’m sure you will,’ a voice said, and when Ace looked up, she saw Sharpeye making her way towards them. The Chieftess smiled at the young girl, before quickly embracing her. ‘Oh, dear, the last time I saw you, you were so little!’
She held her hand by her waist, and Ace shot her a nervous grin. ‘Yeah, eh, guess I’ve grown.’

‘How are your parents and siblings?’ Sharpeye asked, seemingly not very aware of the girl’s anxiety as her enthusiasm seemed to glow from her face. ‘Oh, wait! I should let you guys do the test first, and then ask questions! Well, good luck, Ace, and good luck…?’

‘Avondir,’ Avon quickly spoke up, and Sharpeye smiled at him. ‘Good luck, Avondir! I’ll see both of you later, you can do this!’

With that, the woman walked away, almost skipping over the black rocks adorning the ground. Acacia sighed, before nodding at Avondir and walking after one of the two remaining guards.

This was it.

This was her chance to prove herself.


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