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“And cut!” Peter Jackson yelled through the whole studio. Everyone started clapping and fell in each others arms. It was done, we filmed the last scenes for this year. Now everyone could go home and get a well deserved break with friends and family and enjoy the holiday season. In my case this meant I would finally get some privacy with Richard and his family in London. I hadn’t told Dean about my holiday plans yet and in some way I began to feel guilty. Dean was already planning a whole dinner with his girlfriend and our brother Brett. Richard tried to make me tell Dean about my real plans multiple times, yet I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t risk him stopping me. Was I just going to run away tomorrow morning and get on a plane without telling Dean anything, maybe. I should probably just face him tomorrow morning right before everyone left and tell him the truth. That night I was sitting in the trailer with Orlando, Evangeline and Lee. They were all talking about their Christmas plans and suddenly asked me if I was looking forward to Christmas. ‘Seems like you already dreaming of your presents, I haven’t seen you so quite in a while!’ Orlando laughed which made me smile at him. ‘Yea, I’m mostly just dreaming about what a white Christmas looks like and how much Dean will like it when I tell him I’m off to a white Christmas’ I said which made them give me a questioning look. ‘White Christmas?’ Evangeline asked ‘I decided to go to London with Richard’ I spoke quietly. Yet everyone heard me and now start yelling all together ‘Ooohhh I knew it!’ Lee yelled ‘Can you feel the love tonight!’ he started singing which made me shush him. ‘Come on guys stop it maybe Dean’s passing by and then you all blow my fucking cover!’ I muttered which made them laugh even harder ‘Girl you’re so head over heels!’ Lee said holding my hands which made me shake my head ‘You’re so overreacting’ I responded which made Evangeline laugh. ‘No but seriously you two, we saw that coming from like day one or something I meant the way you looked at him girl, it’s like he’s actually a real king or like he’s your kind of arkenstone’ Orlando said which made me blush. It was kind of true, Richard was my king, my kind of Arkenstone, I would fight for him until my final breath. ‘You two are really cute, but why haven’t you told Dean anything?’ Evangeline now asked which made me sigh ‘Do you guys know him even a little? Like he even threatened to send me home a couple of weeks ago because he thought I was flirting with Lee’ I spoke. Lee now looked op at me in pure surprise ‘Wait oh so I am not the only one who sees it, I’m your secret crush lady, of course Dean is mad I mean he’s a dwarf I’m an elf king no one can get on my level’ Lee said which made me shake my head while trying not to laugh. I had to admit I loved these guys and their humour, yet this was very serious, so I didn’t want to laugh right now, I needed someone to understand and support me. ‘C’mon guys, seriously Dean is choking me and I don’t know what to do’ I said. ‘Why don’t you just talk to him? What are you afraid of?’ Orlando asked. I shrug ‘I just don’t know what to expect, like when he gets angry already because I’m having some fun with Lee, then what will he say about me and Richard. I know he’s pretty close with Richard, he looks up to him I cannot ruin their relationship and I cannot risk Dean sending me home telling me Richard is too old for me, or that I shouldn’t be with him for whatever reason, if he does anything to make us break up I’ll never forgive him.’ I explained. They all nodded and seemed to look at each other waiting till one would come up with the perfect answer. Evangeline was the one to speak eventually ‘Still you will have to talk to him at some point, and I think the sooner the better since we’re all leaving tomorrow. You’ll only hurt him even more if you keep it all quiet, you’re making things harder for the both of you’ She spoke. I sighed but nodded. ‘I’ll go to his trailer tomorrow morning’ I answered. Evangeline took my hand ‘Go now Hera’ she said. I took a deep breath and sighed ‘What the hell am I gonna tell him?’ I cried out which made her hug me ‘That you fell in love, and Christmas is about spending time with the people you love’ she smiled at me while grabbing my shoulders tightly. Lee and Orlando now both patted on my back ‘Come on Hera, you’re the bravest and boldest woman we know, if you can’t face your brother, no one can’ Orlando tried to cheer me up. Yet I wasn’t fully convinced. ‘Brave my ass’ I mumbled which made Lee poke me ‘Just shut up and listen to us, we know you better then you know yourself’ he said. I had to admit I did believe him and it did give me courage. ‘You want me to stand by the door in case that dwarf needs a shake up?’ Lee asked when I stood up. I couldn’t help but laugh at his words. ‘No, it’s fine I think I’ll manage just be ready in case I need another hug’ I muttered which made him blow me a kiss ‘Always dearie!’ he said before I smiled one more time at them all and went to Dean’s trailer.

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